Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"Life's A Climb But The View Is Great "

No writing blog today since I think this video says so much more than I ever could. My 12WBT Journey so far. I still have a way to go yet but knowing that everything is clicking into place finally is a good thing.

This video goes back to where it all began. A pregnancy where I started to use the excuse 'I am going to get fat anyway!' & then once Tilly was born, learning to cope with a baby who wouldnt stop crying. This led to minimal sleep. The body had to cope somehow right! Food became my friend and slowly but surely the weight piled on.....little bit by little bit. I was close on 80kg when I first found Michelles program! So while waiting for it to start again, I started what I thought was healthy. I plateued out at around 76kg. Thank god preseason started not long after that! The first round during preseason and the 12 weeks I dropped almost 6kg! I was stoked. I was within 5kg of getting to my goal weight. Then life became busier as I became a uni student and the excuses of time kicked in again. Junk food and softdrink became a daily staple and within 12 short months, I had GAINED 15kg! I was up to 85kg and the heaviest I had ever been. All that hard work from the previous year had been undone. The thing that is ironic is that I have never stopped being a 12WBT member. I am currently in my 5th round......I just didnt participate in the other 3 rounds. It too became an excuse since I must be doing something right if I am still in the program.....RIGHT!

This round has already seen me lose 5kg and I am now within 100g of getting back into making that trek once again through the 70s and finally back into the 60s. I have the support of my family who are helping to keep me honest, I have the support of the Huggies mums who have been nothing short of amazing and I have the support of Michelle & the 12WBT team. Michelle has never given up on me and I thank her for that. She has been a constant support even when things werent so great. Her tweets that I get in reply to mine occasionally really help to pep me up and keep me on track. I mean Mish is always watching right. I swear she has little video links set up in all our homes ;).

For me it took literally over 12 months to find my mindset and for everything to sink in place. I am getting rid of my excuses....even new ones as they appear I am consciously making healthy choices. Just this week has seen me knocked down with the flu. I couldnt eat much since I had a horribly sore throat, but instead of turning to jelly and icecream, I made up the most amazing smoothie consisting of banana, strawberry, protein powder and even added in weet bix. It was healthy and it was filling! For only 263 calories I was impressed.

So to all who are either on the weight loss journey or thinking of it, the 12WBT program isnt just another diet. It is a way of life. It becomes second nature with what to eat and what not to eat. I even have found that to succeed you need to have balance. There is no point going to that once in a lifetime function and feeling miserable cause you dont want to blow your calorie budget.....go out, enjoy but make sure you work it off! I find that if I want to have some fun, the best way to do it is smash some time up before the function! Then you are halfway there really huh ;)

Get on board people! This trip is amazing!!

Cath xoox

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