Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 13 and the week that was!

Well its been over a week since my last blog but it has also been a very busy time. Have been doing a little soul searching, falling off the wagon & am now trying hard to get back to where I was before.

Its time to say goodbye to old habits that continue to rear there ugly head but its so hard! Tea cake of all things has become a weekness & once again coke is creeping back into my diet.


I know what I have to do but the thing is getting back to the headspace to do it. I am doing gym still whilst the PT is away travelling the world & am loving the classes that we are putting together without the trainer there. It shows how much we have actually learnt from him & especially myself who has only been going there since round 2 & already I have done up a couple of class sessions! I have achieved so much that I should be proud of & that I should be able to easily stay above board but things happen & we all (well most of us) fall off at sometime or another.

I sit here now knowing that there is a full mudcake sitting on my fridge, half a tea cake sitting on my bench, a pack of bikkies sitting on the microwave & 2 bottles of coke sitting in the cupboard. When I am finished this blog post I will bag it all up & hubby can take it to share with his coworkers tomorrow at work! I need it gone otherwise I will just eat it all & I know I will!my strength to say no has faded over the last few weeks & I am not sure as to why or what I have done to have it change. Maybe cause I let my guard down in Sydney although even then I made the healthy choices whilst eating out so I cant blame something that was 3ish weeks ago. This is a mindset that I have got myself in & since I have got myself out of it before, its time to do it again!

I missed adding my weight in stats for last week which were quite pleasing considering I went out drinking for my birthday on the Saturday night. I managed a 600g loss & that puts me back at 70.9kg. Still 300g higher than when I finished round 2 but at least its getting back down there. I hope to see the 60's tick over soon but eating & drinking the way I am that wont ever happen!!

Time for some tough love I think & JFDI. I need to get back out the door on off gym days, I need to look at my goals & see where I am at since afterall I am only 2 weeks away from my first lot of goals! I need to get my head back where it should be. If I am to be one in this little town to wear my newly acquired gym shirt with pride to show off what healthy eating & exercise can achieve, I need to get back to following the plan & back to remember what Mish tells us to do!!

Eat clean & train hard

Cath xoxo