Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Who said healthy cant taste good!

Last nights dinner was what I have pictured above! A delish mix of chilli & beef. I am not a chilli person since I really dont like spicy BUT this was so different. there was a slight hint of spice but not alot. It was just nice. Oh by the way, this is called Chilli Beef Stir fry. I am loving the food that is available that is also low in cals! I can get use to eating like this very easily. This one is in at 323 cals! It is also made on rump steak too!!

 Tonights was just as good. Cajun chicken with sweet potato wedges & avocado salad! I was a bit up in the air with this one since I have never had avocado! Yep thats right, I am an avocado virgin!!! I had heard so many bad things about taste etc that I never bothered & avoided it. I have decided that I will try anything (within reason as I still dont think I could eat skippy!) during this 12 weeks. Just in a couple of days I have eaten chilli, avocado as well as salad sides I never thought I would!

I am amazed at how much I had been over eating! My portion sizes have been cut in half pretty much and even though I am eating less, I am just not hungry! These meals that Michelle has set up for us actually keeps us full enough that I dont even really need to have any snacks! Its good to have them there though throughout the day just incase!

Anyhow enough food talk & onto my day! I have had a wonderful day with not only food but also with exercise! after gym class being cancelled last night I was so down since I had only done my fitness test so had burnt no where near the allocated 500 a day! I made it my mission today to make up for it and I did! I managed 13km on the cross trainer in 33 minutes then moved onto Michelles strength workout! Ouch ouch ouch! I managed to do all that was required though including the 400m jog. I followed all this up with a 30 minute walk since I had to go to the shop anyhow. Total cals burnt.........1087!! I couldnt believe it. Gym is back tomorrow night so will be doing those sort of numbers again although I dont know how my body is going to pull up in the morning since I am a little sore this evening.

First official weigh in tomorrow. Not really expecting any change since I havent seen anything for 3-4weeks on the scales so why would now be any different? At least this will put the 12WBT family weighing in on the same day!

Until tomorrow, eat healthy & burn those cals!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Fitness Test is all done!

Well to start the day I had a doctors appointment! Nothing bad just a quick check up to make sure everything was ok. All is fine & she was even kind enough to give me a compliment of I already look amazing conisdering I have 4 kidlets. I said to her and I quote "I might look amazing to you but I dont feel amazing to me and that is why I am doing this". She thinks that my head is in the right place to be doing something like this without going overboard.

Fitness test was next. 1km time trial done! 6 min 37 secs! I am stoked considering we did a 1km time trial 2 weeks ago at gym where I registered 7min 55secs!! That is a major improvement in just 2 small weeks for my fitness. So here are my stats from the test!

1km time trail - 6mins 37secs (Intermediate)
1min pushups - 12 (Beginner)
Ab Strength test - Level 2 (Intermediate)
Wall sit - 30sec (my god this burns the thighs! (Beginner)
Sit & Reach - -5cm (Beginner)

Use the 1km time trial, pushup, and abdominal strength test to determine your exercise level for the 12WBT.

So that puts me in the Intermediate catagory! So much for me being unfit. I best be looking at the exercise diary now to see what Michelle has planned for that level /shock

4 weeks ago I dont think I would have even made 1km let alone been able to do a pushup! Doing this today has shown me fitness wise just how far I have come. Have been great with food & water today  too.

Breakkie - Oats with 1 cup of low fat milk
No Snack
Lunch - Pea & Ham Soup with 1 piece of bread
Arvo snack - ForMe Satisfy yoghurt
Dinner - Beef Stirfry (Mish Recipe of course)

I have also managed to get through 2 pump bottles of water today but still more to go! Not worried since il get that in no probs at gym tonight.

Feeling pretty good right about now!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tomorrow is kick off!

Meal plans are in, shopping is done & exercise regime will happen! Michelle has explained how it all works and how for us girlies there is no more than 1200 cals per day to be eaten. This is also including 300cals worth of snacks (so 2 x 150cal). They do not have to be eaten though.

Fitness test is to be done tomorrow! Time trial of 1km be it run, walk or crawl as well as pushups, situps etc. I will have to get it done in the morning since that is the time this week that will put me at close to 100% since circuit class is on Monday, Wednesday & Friday this week. I did a 1km time trial only last week  during gym so can also have a look & see how I have improved over just 2 weeks ;) I feel in myself I am already fitter than I was a week ago and I know that I will jsut keep getting better as long as I keep this up!

I am feeling a little nervous now since it is really official. Michelle Bridges is my Personal Trainer!! Wow! Never though I would be able to say that in this lifetime. I didnt even have to qualify to go onto The Biggest Loser for this to happen. I do feel the 12 Week Body Transformation is an amazing program that brings wonderful trainers like Mish to the little people like me. I am sure I will be inspired by her & other members to get the job done & to really nail it this time! I will finally get back into the 60's again and with Michelle & Amelias help, I am sure they can help me get there.

So there it is folks. I will update hopefully daily as to how I am going and feeling. 6 days a week exercise with NO EXCUSES! Must remember to get myself some kitchen scales too.

My Sunday meltdown!

Well I woke up this morning feeling so excited that it was just one more sleep until I could say I am officially being trained by Michelle bridges. Then came the realisation that today I had to do measurements & weigh in!

Doubt hit & it took me at least an hour or two before I would even look. Measurements were first! I was devastated to find that I had been measuring incorrectly all this time. For 4 weeks it is the measurement drops that has kept me going since the scales werent doing anything. Now I find that I have been so wrong and have no idea if anything I have been doing is make a difference. Scales werent much better since they said I was still sitting on 74.4kg.

I cant tell you how upset I was this morning. I even contemplated giving up since if doing my best still wasnt showing results then I was wasting not only my time but Michelles time too. I am not worth that trouble if it isnt going to happen. After lots of tears I had a chat to a very good friend. She reminded me how far I had come in just these short few weeks and also how much more positive I am now. She told me not to give up! She even told me to change my facey status to something more positive to put out there to the world that I am doing this & I will not give up. the power of friendship & writing hey.

Well I am feeling a little better now. Still down that I havent seen any changes though. My PT commented at circuit class yesty that he can see that I am becomeing fitter. I am lasting alot longer during our runs before I start walking, I am able to do crunches, situps, burpees with the fittest of the girls and pretty much keep up and he is just overall stoked that I have come so far in such a short time. This is another thing that has got me through this morning. I must remember that th changes on the outside may not come straight away but the fitness levels & loosening clothes are a sure sign something is working!

So here are my opening stats for 12 Week Body Transformation with Michelle Bridges! All measured exactly how Michelle has asked.

Weight: 74.4kg
Chest: 88cm
Waist: 88cm
Hips: 95.5cm

Distance from knee: 33cm
Right Thigh: 57cm
Left Thigh: 58cm

Age: 33
Height: 167cm
BMI: 26.64%
Bodyfat: 31.35%
Waist/Hip Ratio: 0.86

We are also meant to take a photo. Not sure if I am gutsy enough to do that although I know I will kick myself if I dont. Will get hubby to take one tomorrow morning since he is off work & I have no idea how to work the camera on a timer which sucks cause we have a tripod here so would be able to do my own. Well he is my hubby & I should not be ashamed of letting him take it should I? Well its my only option!

Will be posting more often now that the program is officially starting. I cant wait to look back on this blog in 12 weeks and be proud to say that I did it. I did the hard yards and I am proud of my achievements.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Yay for seeing some results FINALLY!

So I have had a couple of weeks on the scales where they just wouldnt move! Not even a little bit. So it was suggested by some lovely peeps in the 12WBT family to take measurements weekly so that I may see change there to keep my head in the right place!

So here are my stats from last week and this week!

Chest - 87cm (No change)
Bicep - 27cm (No change)
Waist - 75.6cm (change of -1.5cm)
Hips - 95cm (change of -2cm)
Thigh - 52.5cm (No change)
Calf -  36.5cm (no change)

Weight - 74.4kg (gain of +100g)
Bodyfat % - 28.2% (last week was 31.59%)
BMI - 26.28 (last week - 26.64)

So a small gain on the scales BUT a total loss of 3.5cm already and off the areas I want it gone from too! Perhaps looking good isnt as far away as I think. I dream of the day that I no longer have my little bulging belly that makes me always look 3mths preggo!

Weight ins and measurements will move to Wednesdays as of next week but will keep measuring weekly for sure! I think the numbers on the scales will do my head in otherwise!

Just had to add that I just looking back when I first started back in October 2009. Since then I have lost a total of 51.9cm, a change for the better in my BMI of 8.8% and have lost 5.4kg. Not massive in the weight loss area but I havent put in the effort that I am willing to put in now.

Looking at those cm losses though gives me hope that I can do this! I also noticed that 72.4kg was the lowest weight I have been since I was preggo with Tilly. Still a couple of kilo to go before I get there though. Whats better is I am almost running!!!! WOOHOO! 

I am feeling GREAT!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Pre Season Task Number 3 My Goals!

 Well this one has been tough for me. I have thought for a week or so since this was released on how best to approach this task. Goals are tough to set. I know everyone has dreams but in the same token you need to be able to achieve the goals you set otherwise you set up for failure. I decided to set mine up in a fashion of goals that I know I can achieve with some that are beyond my control but still doable within the limits given.

I have always been one to say when I get to this weight ill jsut enter the date! No more! I have set myself mini challenges and I really do want to achieve them. Something as simple as being able to do a pushup is a goal since we do alot of these at circuit training. Same with burpees, crunches and situps! I want to be able to run and keep up with the group rather than lag behind. I can do this! I know I can as long as I put in the hard yards!

Between now and 21st June

* I will get myself another gym outfit
* I will attend circuit class 3 times a week at the gym
* I will do at least 10km on the cross trainer twice a week
* I will aim to drink at least 2 litres of water per day
* I will change my eating habits to become healthier
* I will drink green tea #GOGREEN
* I will no longer drink hot choc
* I will no longer snack once dinner is finished and after 9pm its game over!

1 month

* I will last through at least half of circuit class without stopping
* I will be running at least 1km non stop
* I will be able to do a decent pushup
* I will be able to do 10 burpees in succession without stopping
* I will be able to do 15 crunches properly
* I will be able to do 10 situps properly
* I will continue to keep with my healthy eating plan
* I will continue to follow Michelles instruction
* I will continue to attend circuit class 3 times a week
* I will do at least 15km on the cross trainer
* I will continue to drink 2 litres of water
* I will have lost at least 2kg

2 months

* I will last through at least three quarters of circuit class without stopping
* I will be running at least 2km non stop
* I will be able to do 10 pushups
* I will be able to do 20 burpees in succession without stopping
* I will be able to do 20 crunches properly
* I will be able to do 15 situps properly
* I will continue to keep with my healthy eating plan
* I will continue to follow Michelles instruction
* I will continue to attend circuit class 3 times a week
* I will do at least 20km on the cross trainer
* I will continue to drink 2 litres of water
* I will have lost at least 4kg

3 months

* I will last through a whole circuit class session without stopping
* I will be running at least 3km non stop
* I will be able to do 15 pushups
* I will be able to do 25 burpees in succession without stopping
* I will be able to do 20 crunches properly
* I will be able to do 15 situps properly
* I will continue to keep with my healthy eating plan
* I will continue to follow Michelles instruction
* I will continue to attend circuit class 3 times a week
* I will continue to do at least 20km on the cross trainer
* I will continue to drink 2 litres of water
* I will have lost at least 6kg and be weighing in at around 68kg!

6 months

* I will continue to attend circuit class 3 times a week
* I will be running at least 5km non stop
* I will be able to do 30 pushups
* I will be able to do 30 burpees in succession without stopping
* I will be able to do 25 crunches properly
* I will be able to do 20 situps properly
* I will continue to keep with my healthy eating plan
* I will continue to follow Michelles plan even though 12WBT is finished
* I will continue to attend circuit class 3 times a week
* I will continue to do at least 30km on the cross trainer
* I will continue to drink 2 litres of water
* I will have lost at least 8kg and be weighing in at around 66kg!

12 months

* I will continue to attend circuit class 3 times a week
* I will be running at least 10km non stop
* I will be able to do 50 pushups
* I will be able to do 50 burpees in succession without stopping
* I will be able to do 30 crunches properly
* I will be able to do 20 situps properly
* I will continue to keep with my healthy eating plan
* I will continue to follow Michelles plan even though 12WBT is finished
* I will continue to attend circuit class 3 times a week
* I will be able to do at least 40km on the cross trainer
* I will continue to drink 2 litres of water at least every day
* I will have lost at least 10kg and be weighing in at around 64kg!
* I will be fit, healthy and I WILL LOOK AMAZING!

Future goals

* My main aim is to be finally back into a size 12 (although would love 10) and maintain that weight consistently. I also want to finally get rid of this muffin top that I have acquired throughout my childbirth years. 4 kidlets does funny things to your body ;)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I am hoping that results will show soon!

Well what to do! I am eating better than right, I am exercising more than enough and yet I weigh myself today to find I have lost.......


Devastated is me. I dont know what else to do to make those numbers go down :( I am trying everything and there is nothing more I can change now since I know I am doing my best. My cals have even been cut down to 1200 a day and I am no longer eating back what I am burning! In 1 week I have burnt 4551 cals! You would think there should at least be some kind of drop.

Heres hoping that next week is better! I really want to see some improvement somewhere! Maybe its cause I don't have a large amount to lose so its harder to move it along? I will see how the measuring goes next week and hopefully that will show me some results! I at least wanted some form of start before the official day!

Maybe I am being to hard on myself. I just dont want to fall off the wagon this time! Its hard though when you know there is nothing more you can do or give at a training session yet there is still no reward for the time, effort and sacrifice!

Now I know how those that gained weight or lost minimal on The Biggest Loser felt. It is terrible and you keep wondering what you can do better! Heres to next Wednesday and hoping to stay positive!

On a brighter note, at circuit class tonight I burnt another whopping 911 cals! I am so pleased with my efforts at these classes since I am in no way fit but with each one I seem to give that little bit more! Tonight was a highlight since I was actually running! Like really running and that is something I have never done (other than after the kids).I am pulling up better after each class and no more delayed muscle pain! I am hoping this means that it is going to get easier from here. My PT is wonderful as is the group of girls who are there 3 times a week for the 1 hour! I wouldnt make it through a class without them as they are all amazing and inspirational!

I must get the time to do some more of the pre season tasks! I havent even set my goals yet and that was pre season 3! I notice that pre season 5 was released yesterday. I am so far behind so must catch up. Hopefully that will put my head where it needs to be.

Adios amigos and take care! Will check in again shortly! Mwah to you all xoxo

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I didnt think i could but now I know I can!

I was so impressed with my calories burnt yesterday during a walk followed by circuit class that I had to blog about it to show myself in print that I CAN DO IT!! 

Walking 2.5km – 283 Cals burnt

Circuit Class 1 hour duration!

Light jog around the block
2mins of steps
20 star jumps
2 mins steps
20 star jumps
a further jog to the park
20 burpees
20 star jumps
20 burpees
20 star jumps
More jogging to quiet street
Run to first witches hat and back for 2 mins (uphill)
30 sec break
Run to second witches hat and back for 2 mins (uphill)
30 sec break
Run to third witches hat and back for 2 mins (uphill)
30 sec break
Run to fourth witches hat and back for 2 mins (uphill)
30 sec break
Sprint training – jog to first hat, sprint to second, jog to thrd, sprint to fourth, jog back to first and go again. Repeat x 6 times. All up hill for the sprints/jog, down hill on way back
Back to gym jogging with arm in air
General punching 2 mins
20 pushups
Uppercuts 2 mins
20 pushups
Wide swings 2 mins
20 pushups
Punch upwards while on knees 2 mins
20 pushups
Push trainer backwards
Lunge walk to next area
3 weighted balls raised about head 5 times each
10 burpees
Sit-ups until everyone has done the above 4 things!
Cool down stretches and we were all done!

Needless to say I was stuffed when I had finished but in the same token felt so good when I looked down at my HRM and realised I had burnt 981 cals!! Total for the class and the walk – 1263 calories!!!!! So stoked! Alot of things I didnt finish properly but I attempted evenything the PT threw at us! I will get better each time I go and if im burning those cals not even doing ever little thing imagine if I was! The ladies there were so nice too. always telling me how well I was going for my first time and getting me to get a few more strides out in a jog or even a few punches or pushups. They were amazing! One of them was like a machine! She is so well toned and looks amazing! I couldnt believe it when I found out she is almot 50yrs old!!! I would have given her maybe 35, 40 at the most!! She is so fit! and also I now find out my daughters best friends mum...lol. She is a fitness fanatic! Gym 3 times a week karate, tennis, golf you name it she does it every week. I was tired from just hearing what she does! anyhow she reckons she is coming to get me 3 times a week for this circuit class....we shall see ;)

Even went to the movie last night to see SATC2. Usually I would get a mega meal with an ice cream but not last night! I got a small popcorn and a bottle of water! I even didn’t get tempted by the stop at McDonalds after midnight when we were heading home! So proud of myself. Maybe this is all just starting to become habit. Heres hoping there is no falling off any wagons this time around!

Surprisingly, im not sore this morning either....WOOHOO!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

What to do and where to go from here? So confused

Wednesday – Shopping Day! My favourite day of the fortnight since it means PAYDAY! Went into Rebel who wouldn’t even offer to price match the online offers I had for either the FT4 or the FT7 heart rate monitors so went across the road to The Warehouse. Gentleman there was lovely and said he couldn’t price match but he could do it for online price +$10. So I got myself the FT4 for $135. Dont be confused with the F4 as I think that is the older model and now replaced with the FT4. I was happy with that deal as he also set it all up ready to go for me. Wouldnt have got that from the online store....hehe.

Target also had a sale on ladies clothes, some up to 40% off. Grabbed myself some comfy pant, a shirt and a light weight jacket. I think I should be set now for this 12WBT. Cant help but feel guilty though that I am spending all this money on me and not the rest of the family. Spent the rest of the afternoon wondering if I was just being stupid and greedy. Still managed to get out and do another 3km walk. Nothing on yesterdays 4.67km though. Time is getting better and im also getting into a jog at times too. Still not sure if I am doing the right thing though. I cant even bring myself to put my goals in since they just don’t seem important enough to warrant being a goal even!. What to do, what to do.

Thursday – Well still not up to date with uni but very close. Have it down to 2 reports and an open book math exam. Feeling a little better but also feeling very down on myself today. Pre-season take 4 has just gone up for 12WBT. I haven’t even started pre season task 3 let alone thinking about 4. Its all getting too much. I know uni will be out of the way by the weekend but until then I cant help but feel overwhelmed and run down. I noticed myself yesterday while I was out shopping that I didn’t even really eat whilst out and when I did it was just a salad with no meat since I know that would be within my cals. Its all just doing my head in. I need to sit back I think and not be so tough on myself. I have given up everything. I only eat at breakkie lunch and dinner really since I don’t even know if the snacks I have are ok but when really hungry ill grab an apple. Im not even coming close to my daily cal limit atm. Daily cal limit is 1200 yet I am only managing 1000 sometimes less. Funny to think only a couple of weeks ago I was easily eating 1350 as well as eating back my exercise cals. That was when I was only looking at cals in the foods so was even putting choccy or yummy treats in there as long as they fit in.

Will write more later as this is doing my head in just thinking about it and at the moment I could just throw it all in....uni included so that the stresses all just went away.

Its been a rough week but we have got through

What a week. After an almost meltdown on Friday, I went and stayed at mums on Saturday night. I even went and got myself some fruit since I notice mums cupboards were full of junk food. Well dinner time came around and you wouldn’t believe it......she was having KFC! She knows I am trying so hard to get this right this time and yes its not a large amount I want to lose but that’s not the point is it! So I have 2 choices, use the fruit I have and will most likely still be hungry since 1 apple and 1 banana do not make tea, OR have just 1 piece of chicken with the skin ripped off. So I did that....the skin was ripped off and I munched on that. It was the smallest piece I could find. Needless to say I was still starving after that and my tummy didn’t like the chicken at all since I spent the rest of the night drinking water to stop myself being sick and also help me feel a little bit fuller. Was so glad to get home Sunday! 

Went shopping on Sunday before heading home though and mum purchased me some nice new Nike Air Alaris ladies running shoes. I had enough to get the Michelle Bridges cook book and also the Nike+ipod attachment. I was so stoked that when I got home I went for a 3km walk in the rain! I didn’t care that it was wet....I was finally able to walk without my legs hurting! WOOHOO!!

Monday - Well the realisation that I have essays and things due for uni hit. I am behind by a mile and only have until Friday to catch up! How am I suppose to get 1 essay, 2 reports, 1 open book math exam, 1 open book history exam and an online discussion question done by Friday! I haven’t even looked at what topic the essay/reports are suppose to be on yet so there is also research time in there too /sigh Ill do it tomorrow! I have walking to do today! Yep managed another 3km walk with Tilly in the pram. She loves all the exercise...although she is technically getting pushed...haha Uni assessments can wait till tomorrow. Also have pre-season task 3 to do for 12WBT as well. Goal setting. I have no idea really! I am use to setting myself weight goals but NEVER in a time limit. I think this one is going to be hard.

Tuesday – Time to get serious about this uni stuff! I have spent so much time worrying that what im eating is ok and that im exercising enough that this is now suffering. Trying to be positive about doing this 12 week body transformation with Michelle Bridges but its getting harder to when its all I am thinking about. Hey that is a good thing but in the same token I never do anything for me. This is the first time in a VERY long time. I guess I just need to get my head around it all. Feeling guilty about getting the ipod +nike attachment and the cook book on Sunday too. I mean that was money that could have been better spent elsewhere instead of on me. I could have paid up some more bills or even got something nice for the kids. I know tomorrow there will be more expense since I want to get a HRM as well as something decent to wear when im out walking or at the gym......so thats more money. I know these things aren’t needed but if I want to do this properly I have to do something to make things better on myself so I am comfortable.

Finally sat down and got into Essay 1 for English! I decided to reward myself with a nice walk in the afternoon once it was finished. Yay I did it. It was rushed and in no way up to my standards but I guess since its late I just best hope for a pass. I am not even expecting that since it wasn’t very good at all and definitely not up to my standard of work. I think the lecturer is going to be shocked since I have spent all semester getting High Distinctions....then hand that rubbish in.