Monday, December 5, 2011

Wow! We are up to week 11 already. Time flies when you are having fun!

Ah here we are. Day one of week 11 and so close to the finish line. So how have I gone these past 11ish weeks.....this blog is about to find out ;)

So lets go way back to week one. I was feeling nervous and perhaps a bit scared too. Would I be able to do it this round? Would it be just like all the other rounds? Can I actually walk my talk? What do I need to do to get my mindset where it needs to be? So many questions with so few answers then. These are the questions I had for my journey. Questions that still are being answered now.

So how have I got here?

Wow! What a journey I have had this round. So very different to every other round I have attempted. I sit here on day one of week eleven and know that I have put everything I can into this program this time. I could do no more. I have even just recently battled the flu which saw me knocked for six for almost a week but that didnt see me turn to junk food to help me feel better. Plenty of water was on the menu and as for food, well I got creative with the smoothies since my throat was so sore I couldnt eat. I have seen so many sunrises this round....that is something I havent seen since my young days of walking home quite drunk at that time of the really learn to appreciate all that mother nature offers when she gives you the most gorgeous sky to say good morning. I plan on getting back to my #crackofarse sessions tomorrow morning. It might be slow going but I know if I dont, then day by day that robot mode slips back into the closet and I have to start over again.

So what else has changed? I find myself without thinking now choosing healthy. I automatically weigh up my meat and even hubby is weighing it up before it is being sorted for the freezer. I have also found that I am happy with a chicken and salad while the family will munch on pizza. Pizza that is so yummo mind you as its from our local take away shop. for my treat meal the other night I actually had 2 pieces and was full enough! I was so happy that my will power muscle and my inner voice have learnt and are still learning that its ok to have this stuff occasionally BUT its not ok to go pig out and over indulge.

I am a little nervous about weigh in day on Wednesday since I registered a gain last week. It was only a couple of hundred grams but it was still a gain. It was possibly the amount of water I had been drinking whilst sick....either way those scales will make me nervous but I know what will be will be and I also know I have the tools to get rid of the gained weight! I just will need to be more vigilant thats all. But that is something I will deal with then!

My mindset has come a long way this round. I mean 18 months I have been in this program and for 18 months I have fought the hard fight and here I am now! I have though NEVER given up.....I just didnt get it. Now I am a different person. I am almost the healthy version of myself and I like what I am seeing so far. I still cringe at the reflection in the mirror but I also like the way clothes are starting to fit that didnt before. It really has been a long journey but it is one ride I am so glad that I stuck it out. One thing I havent mentioned this round is that I am STILL smoke free! I have not had a cigarette since April last year and its Michelle and this program I have to thank for that. I even gave up cold turkey! I mean heck if I can do that, this weight loss thing should be simple right......oh how wrong I was!

So that is me so far on my journey. I still have so far to go but I am willing to go the distance. Michelle has faith in me, my family has faith in me, my friends have faith in me but I think the most important person in all this......I HAVE FAITH IN ME!!

After a horrible low or should I say blow today.....I am ready to just do this! I am ready to use that which makes me weak to in fact make me strong! My appointment with the road tomorrow morning with the sunrise will make things seem so much better.

Mwah to all you beautiful people!

Cath xoxo

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