Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It takes a while to get it right!

Sometimes we try too hard.....then the expected happens and that pedastool you put yourself on collapses. I say the expected cause in life there is good along with bad. There is always a balance. There has to be for life to work. For me though it seems that I put myself up higher than I should which means nine times out of ten I have the air let out and I am left feeling let down and actually quite silly for thinking the know ME.....could even do this.

I should be happy at my weigh in today. I mean 1.3kg! Thats the best ever for me in a week and not to mention I have also surpassed my good round that I did last year by 700g and still have 3 weigh ins to go. So why I am being so hard on myself? Because after a perfect week I still cant find the strength to keep it up. I have been so great this morning and have had muesli and water for breakkie, fruit for morning tea......then go and be silly by having vegemite toast with Tilly for lunch! 2 pieces of Soy Lin bread lathered with butter and vegemite.....not only that but then I consumed one of those mini picnic bars and almost ate a packet of the mini bikkies of idea on Tillys bikkies but there is 300 calories there and since it was all junk, I am far from feeling full. I am sitting here now eating my afternoon snack early in hope that it will curb the hunger pangs!!

So why is it that ones mindset can just change and before we have time to stop it the damage has been done? What can we do to ensure that doesnt happen? I mean heck, I had the will power to sit in McDonalds yesterday and purchase nothing but a bottle of water! Normally I would have had a seared chicken wrap but I knew that didnt fit with my accelerator day plan so ate before I left home.

I think it goes to show that even the best laid plans can sometimes have a set back but its how we deal with that set back that matters most. We are after all only human and slip ups will happen. It still saddens me though that I have been so perfect with everything.....until today and even then it wasnt that bad since I found myself stopping and the little voice even telling me to stop which is different! So something has changed right!

I need to find me something else to use as a stress reliever rather than food! I think food is just the easy option since its ALWAYS there. I am happy though that my house has been cleared of junk......days like today could certainly have been a lot worse than a few pieces of vegemite toast and bikkies!

I must say, I am a tad proud looking at my ticker and seeing almost 5kg lost! Its not what I was aiming for at this point, in fact it half of where I wanted to be BUT the fact that I have my head in the right (well almost right) place is so much more than those numbers. Its the mindset that will help those numbers continue to go down. Its the support that will help those number continue to go down. Most of all though.....


Anyhow must be finishing here as have a toddler insisting they need help to get up off the floor.....haha

Cath xoxo


  1. Oh Cath, everyone stuffs up! You'll get your mojo back. Have you thought about boxing or something similar to get your anger out? xx

  2. I get this. It's like I could've written it myself.

    But check back a month ago, did you have the same food "blow out" ?

    Did you accelerator day yesterday?

    And besides I see a red flag word in your post.


    That ridiculous word and mindset is eeville and pretends to be your friend but then turns around and bites you on your butt when you least expect it.

    Go for consistency. Consistency is Mr dependable :)