Friday, November 18, 2011

I get It.....I think I really do get it and gosh its taken a long time!

Wow What a week! and an amazing one at that smile

I have eaten clean, I have exercised well and I even managed a loss of 600g on the scales on Wednesday as well as not to mention the fact I have lost 25cm so far off my body.....WOOHOO! Something is going right and I think that its the fact that I get it now.

I cant just eat junk food and expect to still look good! I have to earn it. I have to put in the hard work and the rewards will happen. They are coming, albeit very slowly, but its happening. Its happening to the point that I am now in mediums in Lorna Jane wear! I am so stoked at that.

I think the main thing for me really is that I am sub consciously making the right choices now. Today for example was a big eye opener for me. Hubby & I went for a drive to Ganmain. Home of the most divine Ganmain Pies. They are SOOOOOOO good. Anyhow, hubby grabbed a cold coke and a pie, I got a bottle of water and decided to wait till I got home to have a salad wrap! Which I did!

What an achievement and what a change in mindset that was. It has taken me till today to realise that yeah I know.....I get it! I thought I did before but now its just different.

Anyhow its late blog readers but on that note I would like to leave you with a poster pic I found on PInterest. I really love that site! Such inspirational things to be found.

Mwah to you all!

Cath xoxo

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