Monday, November 7, 2011

What Makes YOU Happy?

This is the question that I answered to win myself a $100 Lorna Jane gift voucher today! OMG I am I get to add more amazing workout gear to my wardrobe. So I guess you all want to know.....


@LornaJaneActive Being able to get up at 4.45am for a workout makes me happy! #happy

@LornaJaneActive Knowing that I could have not pushed myself anymore in a workout makes me happy! #happy

@LornaJaneActive finding that inner light that makes you believe you can do it and making sure that the determination continues #happy

@LornaJaneActive Being #happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections. #quote

Those were what I had that made me happy. There were so many other things I could have put there but didnt want to overload the twitter stream. When the announcement was made this morning.......

TY for tweeting me what makes you #happy... they were all smile worthy :) The winners are @cathperko (+ 2 others not mentioned in this blog) Congrats!!! Lx.

What an amazing announcement though! Now I have to work out what I will buy! Maybe I will finally get one of those Never Never Never Give Up singlets since that seems to be me to a

On with more good news.....I got my final assessment marks in the mail today! It seems that right at this minute, I have passed the second semester of uni! 8 units already done. I am pretty happy with that considering this time last year I was only finding out I was accepted now I am sitting here already 1 year down, 3 to go :)

Now with all my good news, follows bad. It always seems to happen too me since nothing can be celebrated for too long. So, we bought a fridge last week and it was working fine till last night we noticed nothing in it was cold and the freezer wasn't freezing anymore. We didn't stress and took it outside this morning as we thought it may be just over frozen.......that was fine since we still had our old faithful fridge of 15 years. Mind you we had already lost all our salads and stuff since it was just hot in the other fridge....such a waste of food and money :( Fast forward to this afternoon.......the circuit break flicked off on the powerpoints in our house earlier this arvo. On further investigation, we found it to be our little faithful fridge was tripping it. I was heartbroken. So I still dont know if we have a fridge that even works at this time. The other one we purchased last week is back inside and turned on but I guess I wont know till tomorrow!

I had already planned my dinner of chicken and the family was having pizza. After that it went downhill. I had 3 slices of pizza washed down with a coke zero. I hit the stuff it I dont care anymore frame of mind. This was quickly filled with the guilt frame of mind that had me feeling like crap at what I had done......then I got thinking....whats done is done, move on and work on fixing the problem......thats the advice I give everyone else so why cant I take it too right!

So my commitment I have put on facebook and twitter is

"Start each day fresh. Yes tomorrow is a new day and tomorrow I will smash out 1000cals to burn off wrong choices this afternoon #crapday"

That is my promise to myself! I need to fix what I have done rather than wallow myself in self pity. I am still on track but maybe not on track for the weight loss this week I was hoping for but there is still hope! The big key to this here is I realised early the problem and shut it down there and then. I sit here now with a warm lemon tea and then I think it might be an early night.

Afterall, tomorrow morning is not only going to be early, its going to be tough too!!

Cath xoxo

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  1. Wow fantastic blog - loved it and love your attitude. Congratulations on a well-deserved win - wowee:)Good luck with your fridge!