Friday, February 8, 2013

A new start, A new year

Well what a week! I was lucky enough to be given an amazing opportunity by my good friend Detta and even though she is over the other side of the country, once again we are tackling our weight issues together.

So what have I been doing this last week.....where do I start...

Well from Monday I am part of Shannan Pontons 8 week challenge. I had heard so much about it but being a seasoned 12WBTer, I didnt even think twice about trying something new. That is when my dear friend Detta sent me a wonderful inbox on Saturday night with a magic little code that would see me step out of my comfort zone and give this a try. I will say I have been a little nervous as I have been with 12WBT since round 2 back in its first year. I have learnt many mindset lessons and achieved so much during that time. So to be doing something else was a little out of my box that I have created. The known rather than the unknown. One thing I wont do is put down one program or the other. They both have their strengths and weaknesses and for me I am lucky to be given the opportunity to see how something different, something new works.

It all started on Monday! Wow I thought, rest day on the first day of the program. WOOHOO! I like this. Lazed around and really laxed out. Then woke up Tuesday refreshed and ready to go. Endurance workout is what Shannan called it. I called it OMG this really hurts like hell workout. I pushed through though and finished the challenge set before me. I remember wanting to stop and give up after just 25 minutes but I beat the mind games and got through the full 60 minutes without a break!

So bring on Wednesdays workout....hmm this one looked easy. A few ab workouts here and there but then after I wrote it all down I was like EEK! OMG this is going to hurt and how am I going to get through it. Its these mind games that have always set me so far behind and I have not been able to move forward. This is why I am still not even close to my goal weight. I need to turn that negative I CANT, into a positive I CAN more often. So anyhow, here is my breakdown of Wednesdays workout where I burnt 692 cals for my efforts.

I can tell you that by the 3rd time around I was in worlds of pain and the 5kg I had on the benchpress felt like 100kg! I guess something worked cause the DOMs came visiting after this one. Same thing again for todays (08/02/13) workout. I think its going to hurt more but in a good way!

Yesterday was a little harder.....this funny little workout that Shannan calls Spartan Sprints. I had heard him and many others talk about them on his facebook page or twitter, but never knew what they were. Maybe some part of me is wishing I still didnt know what they were.....haha. I pushed myself well out of my comfort zone on this one. I am usually happy to sit on 8km when running on the treadie but for these, pushed it out to 9km and even smashed out 10km for the last 100m. Hubby smashed himself by doing the whole lot on 16km then the final 100m on 20km!! Its nice to have him there right beside me doing the same workouts. Helps keep me motivated.

I was even stoked to get a reply from Shannan on twitter when I posted up this pic on his feed! WOOHOO!!

So ill share my weigh ins with my blog followers each week!

Start weight (01/02/2013) - 79.8kg (EEK!)

So far so good. I have been following the menu plan and the workout plans to a T and cant wait till weigh in day on Sunday to see how it has all panned out. My water intake is so much better as well and the mind games are becoming easier to defeat.  I am slowly getting back into the zone.

One thing I wanted to say though is that whether you are following a program or just doing it alone and eating healthy with added exercise, each and every one of us does this for ourselves. I do this for ME. I might have my workouts being written up by someone else but I am the one smashing them out each day. Hubby is the one there beside me telling me I CAN do just one more. So dont get confused when asked how you lost all your weight. It can be either this program or that program but at the end of it all, it was YOU who took the steps to achieve the outcome. Signing up doesnt mean you have taken a magic pill to look/feel good. It takes work. It takes time. It takes effort. IT TAKES WILLPOWER!

We are all important. Lets rock whatever it is we are doing and start living the healthy life we are all entitled to living.

So smash those workouts, put away the chocolate and become that person you so want to be!

Cath xoxo