Thursday, July 29, 2010

To go or not to go? Yet again I question my actions!

Dates for the party have been released for the weekend of 10th-12th September. This was my reward for my hard work over the 12 weeks but now it is seriously looking like I wont get there now. The thing is that this is something purely for me and that seems selfish considering we as a family havent been away on a holiday together since hmmm I dont remember when. We did manage a couple of days in Sydney last year, but that cost us a fair bit & although we had fun, we spent the nest month or two reorganising & paying out bills we had put off to go.

At the moment we are in a position where yes all the bills are paid, but they don't just stop coming in. There will always be a phone bill, electricity bill, car payment there no matter what & i would prefer them to be paid then to put them off all for a few days of joy.

I have been looking forward to this trip now since I signed up to the 12WBT program. I became even more excited when I sat there the night of the round 1 party on twitter whilst Cyndi kept us updated with all the fun. The night sounded amazing! Not to mention meeting Michelle Bridges who is just the biggest inspiration for any person trying to lose weight. I would finally have that pic with Mish that I see the round 1 peeps talking about. Everything was perfect until I actually thought about what it would take to get there. The cost :( I thought of staying with friends up in Sydney but then since I don't drive would mean relying on public transport & hey, people are scary when you are travelling alone. Especially in Sydney!

I have thought about staying in cheapo accommodation & even catching the train up to make cost cheaper but it still doesn't stop me thinking that even doing that why am I getting time away to have fun? I am a mum to 4 children who are lost when I'm not there since I do so much for them & a wife to an amazing hubby who works so hard to make sure that I am happy. When it comes to family, I am the luckiest person in the world. They are all just amazing. So for me to go away, means that if hubby comes, we would need a babysitter to which whilst we were gone we would worry that the kids were OK anyhow which doesn't make for a good weekend. Then there is if hubby stays home with kids & I go alone to make costs cheaper, that I wouldn't have much fun since hubby & I are 2 parts of the whole. We don't operate well without the other so to speak.

We have never had alot of money since I chose to be a full time stay at home mum. Hubby has worked his butt off though to make sure that we have a roof over our head & food on the table. We do it tough as in we cant afford the luxuries in life but we do have everything we need to get by. That is what brings me to this decision. Every year at tax time we get that little bit extra. Last year we went a bit silly, went to the footy in Sydney a couple of times, took the eldest kids up to see around Darling harbour as they had never been before but then there was the harsh reality of the pile of bills that didn't get paid to enjoy that time. We ended up getting out of the rut but it wasn't easy. It meant that hubby went to Sydney with work for 8 weeks to pull us out of the hole we had dug ourselves & all for what? A couple of fun weekends in Sydney.

I don't want to put us in that same position again. We have a little bit of money in the bank that normally I would be like OMG SHOPPING! I find myself thought thinking that it would be waste of money too! Our TV keep just turning off & wont turn back on without unplugging it but hey, it still kinda works. I promised myself a new Adidas trackie as well as new shoes from athletes foot BUT & here is the clincher.....why waste the money when I have cheap clothes to wear to gym & I also have shoes to go on my feet? Funny thing is, if this was for the would have been booked & paid for weeks ago along with a new suitcase full of clothes to take. When it comes to things for myself it doesn't seem as important. Heck the only reason I signed up with 12WBT was because I hit a very dark scary place in my life & hubby told me to do this as its something only I can do. I had to justify the cost! Do you believe that!!! In the end I took up the weekly payment plan which I have even struggled to have the $20 a week available some weeks yet here I am trying to plan a trip to Sydney which is looking like costing me well over $500 & that is just accommodation & flights. To top it off that is just for me. Not the family (heck would be loads more if I took the family).

This is something that I do want as I would love nothing more than to meet Michelle & Amelia as well as the amazing new family I have with all the 12WBT'ers, but I also have to remember that sometimes life doesn't go how we want it to. I myself am not worth putting before my family & having that small breathing space of money in the bank.

To be honest, as much as I would love to go & in my head I know I deserve it, my heart says that family has to always come first. 12WBT program has literally saved my life. Not just by helping me lose weight, but by helping pull me out of a dark hole that I didn't think I would ever get out of. I know one big thing that I still have to learn in life & that is to put myself first sometimes, but those with kids & a hubby know that one is tough even with all the money in the world. I know that I will always put family first but perhaps I need to reward me as well for what I do on a daily basis?

Tonight is a prime example of putting others first, hubby is at work, my eldest daughter knows I have gym this evening yet she has planned to go shopping. That means no gym for me tonight as I cant leave Tilly here with her 11year old brother. At least my girls will have some fun anyhow as long as they still go of course. I best be planning a smashing workout since gym days are always tough ones but the PT gives us a good workout! Might dust off the cross trainer & see how that goes! Hopefully things will become clearer in a few days and I will be able to make a choice for the best for everyone then! If I don't go, I guess that night will be spent with those on twitter who couldn't make it either. Besides there are things that I still don't like about myself that I dont know if I want others to see. The weight my be going but there is other stuff about my appearance that I am horribly embarrassed about and wouldn't want to be judged, laughed or spoken about. Its not something that I want to put up in my public blog just yet either. Lets just say though it would be noticed immediately & I am not one for smiling when out & about so I guess that is another reason to hide at home too. Its taken me all my courage to go to gym with other people because of that too.

ETA - I hope this makes sense as it was kind of written whilst I had a bazillion thoughts going around in my head!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Weigh in Day Week 6! The good & the bad!

I call Wednesday my 'day of truth'! It tells me if I have been working hard enough or if I have slackened off! My results so far :-

SW: 74.4kg
CW: 72.0kg
WLTW: 200g
WIW1: 73.8kg
WIW2: 73.7kg
WIW3: 73.3kg
WIW4: 72.8kg
WIW5: 72.2kg

GW1 - 73.4kg ACHIEVED 8/07/10
GW2 - 72.5kg ACHIEVED 21/07/10
GW3 - 71.5kg
GW4 - 70kg
GW5 - 68kg
10%GW - 67kg
EGW - 65kg

As you can see the numbers are going down (albeit slowly) but I guess I should be happy with that. I have been trying to work out why the small loss this week. It could be a number of things too! We have been doing alot more weights at gym, 2 full on cardio sessions last week including the Friday session where I had my breakdown pretty much, then there is the fact I took the weekend off & relaxed to give my body a rest as well as time to recover but I was back into it again Monday evening with a smashing 1000 cal circuit again and then backed up last night with a 700 cal Zumba class!

So its not from lack of effort with exercise and food is being weighed out although I have laxed a little on that.

So now its back to basics!

I will go back to weighing all my food & putting it into Calorie King!
I will make sure that I am eating as close to my 1200 cals a day
I will smash up my circuit class sessions with the PT
On days off I will make sure I get up & do something even if its JM 30 day shred
I will make sure I am drinking my water EVERYDAY & not just gym days
I will recommit myself 110% back to Michelles program!

As my blog title states.....its time to lose it for good....that does NOT mean time to lose a bit now then the rest later. Best to do it all in one go ;)

Oh & guess what!! I managed to actually full on RUN 700m most of which was uphill. Gosh I was stoked.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A break down or a break through?

Fridays Gym Session

Since there were alot away from Wednesday nights class, the PT decided to do yet another high cardio session. It was different to what we did on Wednesday but I could feel my body was still tired. I thought I would be fine once I got going. I was wrong! We did a slow jog to our local school and used there netball court. I dreaded what was planned since we had only been there Wednesday. It was more intense tonight since we had the real fit peeps back too. We were paired up & trust him to pair me up with the fittest person there.

Our missions was to do 1 min of jabs, ` min of uppercuts, & 1 min of air punches, followed by 20 pushups (if on knees or 10 if on feet) then it was off running 1.3km around the block of the school which is on a massively big hill. (the person boxing did this whilst the other stayed back) The person who wasnt running stayed back & did 2 full laps of netball court, then run to end of court & back (x3), 3/4 line & back (x3) 1/4 line & back (x3), 20 pushups, 20 situps 15 steps (on those horror steps from Wednesday). We had to do this twice each. The clincher though was when the PT said we were competing against eachother. The losing team would have to do 50 burpees, next in 30 burpees & first in 15 burpees. I almost wanted ot be sick then since as I said I was with not just the fittest person but also one that is so competitive.

So first round I decided to do boxing & running. I didnt do too bad & things were looking good. I wasnt coming first but I was at least keeping up. Cause I was slower thought than the others, I didnt really get any sort of recovery in between. On my partners turn to run, she wasw back so fast but I was still finishing off the exercises back at the school so held her up. I was starting to feel so tired but I pushed on. Came time for me to run again & that is when it all crumbled. I was running but I just wanted to cry. I pushed on as I was hurting, I could hardly breathe & that was scareing me as each breathe became harder & harder. I jsut couldnt get the air into my lungs. I felt like I was back to that first gym session and starting out. I ended up slowing back & walking to try & recover a little. It didnt last long cause then the thought of letting my partner down came into my head & I was devastated. I wasnt doing this for me, I was doing this for someone else too. I didnt want to do 50 burpees nor should she of had to either cause I am unfit. It wasnt fair. Why was I put with her. I got back to the school & it was her turn to box. I couldnt stop apologising to her & letting her know that I was trying so hard. She was great & said that it was fine. To me though it wasnt fair! Not for her that she was stuck with a turtle like me.

Each round she would get us in front, when it came my turn I would put us further behind. It was when it was her turn to run the second time after I had already done my 2 rounds that whilst doing my workout on the netball court I broke down. I couldnt breath, I was a mess. I was still going & pushing through but that wasnt the point. I was sore, I was aching & I didnt think I could do much more. once again I thought of the 50 burpees I was making my partner have to do with me all cause I was slow. That was it, I broke down. Tears were flowing down my cheeks. I felt like a wimp! The PT & the girls there were so wonderful though. The PT asked if I wanted to have a rest to which I said NO! I am not going to quit, I have to do this! then I got cheers from the girls who got me through the rest of the way. One of them even came back to do the exercises again with me so that I wasnt doing it alone. They were amazing and I think I even shocked my PT who couldnt beleive that I may not have been as fast as the others.....I FINISHED! and what was even better I had still done everything everyone else had done.

I came down from my bit of a high when I remembered that shi!te....50 burpees. I asked the PT if we did them here or back at the gym since we did lose. He said 'No burpees today!, you did well enough to not have to worry about them, as did everyone else" He also went on to say how happy he was with all of us.

I got thinking last night after chatting to a few ladies that are doing the 12WBT program & wondered what my breakthrough could be since with every break down there is a breakthrough so it is said. Well at the end of the day, I did finish. I didnt keep up & I didnt

To all my friends thank you so much for your tweets last night & also FB posts. I really needed them and do feel so much better knowing that I am making a difference to people, even if it is a small one. Now i guess its a point of keeping on, keeping on! I have a party to attend in Sydney on the 11th September and hopefully I will be able to go as well as get a bit of spoilage for all my aches, pains & sacrifices over the last 3 months.

What a crappy week it has been but its not all bad!

What a week. I almost gave up & threw it all in only yesterday.

I had weigh in on Wednesday where I managed to lose 600g! Stoked I was yep!. After my horror eating week I still was lucky enough to record a loss. I am now down to 72.2kg which is the lightest I have been in 3 years!! Lets hope I can continue on with this and keep the numbers going down!

I will do this up into 2 blog entries so that the one from last night is the most recent and so this one isnt a monster entry.

To cut a long story short, we are waiting on monies to come through from the Austrralian Tax Office as well as Centrelink. Well......neither has any idea when it will be paid /sigh. I even rang the treasurers office (Wayne Swann) to be told they would enquire about it & have it fixed up & paid through by yesterday.....fat load of crap from the current government since they didnt even call. I then rang my local member (Kay Hull), so sad that she has retired from politics as of 19th July but her office is still open until her seat is taken over on 21st August. What a shock I got when I had a phone call within about half an hour of talking to her office from a lady at the ATO. She explained why my Education Tax Rebate was being held up (lodged on 1st July) and that I should definitely have it by 2nd August. Not what I wanted to hear but I guess it will have to do. Looking at it, its only another 8 days away. Centrelink said that the link with the ATO can stay open for up to 14 days but feels my supps will be through by weeks end. then to top it off the date for party was released and it was all over from there since I really thought I couldnt go as it was on my bubs 2nd birthday. Devastation central here for me....such a drama queen huh.

Rewind a little though. I had been so down about trying to work out how to pay things out that I one again punished myself. My breakfast consisted of a cup of tea, lunch was shocking though! Choc biscuits, choc cake washed down with a hot chocolate! OMG why! I wont say it wasnt good but god I felt so nauseas afterwards. I wasnt even going to gym since I could really afford to waste the money on the class but I went anyhow.

It was here that things got interesting. Our workout was once again a full cardio session. I had one of those just on Wednesday night. I should probably explain what we did Wednesday so you have some idea of the workout I was still recovering from. (I will put Fridays sesh in it own blog entry)

Wednesdays Session
It started with a jog/run to the park. We then had to do 20 pushups follwed by a 600m run uphill & back, 20 burpees, 600m run uphill & back, 20 starjumps, 600m run uphill & back. Oncde done we were given a 2min recovery time. Then it was onto more running work. There were 4 witches hats set along at intervals. We had to run 7 times to the furthest (1 was counted as up & back) 7 to next and so on. There were 3 hats to run to. 30 secs recovery & it was time to do 5 of each, then 3. We then ventured to our local school to make use of there netball court. PT had us doing steps up 2 of the hugest steps ever (more like those cement seats) then it was a sprint up & back of the netball court. The numbers we had to do them in were; 15 steps, 1 lap up & back of court, 10 steps, up & back of court, 5 steps then up & back of court. Needless to say the legs ACHED badly afterwards. Back to the gym & it was there that we still had more to do. 100 situps, 25 pushups, 50 situps, 15 pushups, 25 situps, 10 pushups. Finally to finish off the session it was 1 min each of the following: burpees, pushups, standing lunge, starjumps, skis & situps. I thought I would be cheaky in our big situp sets & use a weighted medicine ball (10kg) So that is 175 situps with a 10kg medicine ball!! No wonder I was sore and the abs couldnt even cope when I laughed I ached so bad.

To be continued in the next entry!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Why am I sabotaging myself?

Well here I go again! Same thing I do everytime the weight starts coming off. I become complacent & relax on my morals when it comes to food! Its just not right when I have been eating right for the last 8-9 weeks!! There has always been chocolate of some sort in the house or oreo bikkies so its not like its a new thing!

Yet I find myself grabbing a chocolate (snack size one) here & there, as well as when I get up through the night to make Tilly a bottle I am eating 1-2 oreos! WTH! I know that I will feel like shite after I eat it so why do I continue to put myself through this. Why am I trying to sabotage what I have worked so hard to get rid of? Seriously, what is my problem!

On the other hand I am eating well for my main meals & snacks (IF I have my snacks), I am also exercising regularly and am even pretty much burning close to if not going over the 1000 cals per day! Maybe I need to up the anti so that I can feel myself working for the loss. At the moment its a case of gym 3 times a week, zumba once a week then I just have to fit in 2 more days which I do easily since living in the country you can always walk somewhere or I can get on the cross trainer. I have really no excuse not to be working harder. Consistancy is key as burning 1000 cals is norm for me now.

So what do I do? I have to get out of this mindset that I am putting in the ard work of burning the calories therefore a few chocs will be fine! ITS NOT! I dont want to throw away all the work I have done to get to this point. Once again I am letting not just myself down with every chocolate I eat, but I am also letting down Michelle & Amelia who work so hard to put this program together to keep us honest. I am so glad I have this blog so that times like this I can write about it and hopefully get some insite into what the hell I am thinking!

I have gym at 7am tomorrow & after last nights intense weights session i am hoping we do a full cardio session! If the PT does, then I think I will push myself so hard that I WILL feel the burn, I WILL know that I am working hard and most of all I WILL use this as punishment for my relaxing on this when I know I shouldnt be!

Will check in again tomorrow as I think I need to blog daily! It seems when I do, I keep to my word & keep to my mission!

I havent even done my fitness test yet :( I think I am scared of not doing any better. I also look at these fabulous mini milestones people have planned & I just have no idea what to do. Running a whole kilometre would be a milestone for me but its no where near the calibre of the mini milestones chatted about :(  I am also down since one pair of size 12 pants I have do up so I went & purchased another (albeit from vinnies), got them home & there is no way I will get them done up. Here I was thinking I was so close when in fact I am no where near it! Breaks my heart & also my will power.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

No exercise for 2 days makes for lots of work to do!

So I woke this morning with the motivation to JFDI! sick or not I wasnt sitting around doing nothing.

I went for a nice close to 3km run & whilst out I did run most of the way!1 I also smashed a new PB for the mile according to my Nike +ipod program! Not bad for a sick one hey ;) 300 cals in 20 mins....yep Ill take that ;)

It wasnt enough though so I managed to finish Jillian Michales 3 day shred (level 1). I havent done it in ages as I jsut couldnt get through it all.....I again surprised myself but not only finishing it without stopping but also managing to do all the moves pretty much on the higher level (other than damn pushups...haha) Again another 300 cals gone in 20 mins!

Once little Miss Matilda finally goes down for her arvo nap (if she goes down), i will finish up my day with time on the x trainer! I have done a bit of everything today and feeling load better! Although I think I have sweated off bucket loads which is so not usual!

Have fun, eat well & smash those cals!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

No Super Smash Saturday for me today but lots of rest & water!

Didnt get much sleep at all last night. Tossed & turned as well as got woken by hubby who was in & out of bed. It would seem we are both ill BUT here is the funny thing.......I am alot better than he is. My tummy might be a little upset & I have a bit of a fever as well as body aches & pains but hubby is suffering really bad! He was on the toilet ever half hour last night (sorry for TMI) & was feeling like crap. I wonder if its cause of my new healthy way of life? all the exercise & the water drinking that is helping my body fight this infection & keep me kind of feeling ok?

So there was no gym for me at 7am this morning! i was so peeved too. My eldest daughter said I should have gone & took a bucket....haha. Gosh she is funny sometimes ;) I now have until 6pm Monday night before gym is back again so time to ease back into things AFTER I am well again. If tummy is settled in the morning I might go for a nice walk (weather permitting) or if raining then I have the cross trainer here so will just have some slow going on that for a little bit. dont you hate how life throws you a curve ball just when things are getting so great! So glad I worked my butt off this week with cal burning though! 5k cals is great for the week & is helping me feel not so guilty as I sit here typing this up now.

I have at least had some breakkie today & also managed to eat a Le Rice without the tummy churning too much. Head is still pounding & body is still aching so not going to push myself too much at this time. I smashed it up with the cals all week so a couple of days off isnt going to ruin my work! just have to find what to eat that is not only healthy but also good in the tum.

Might go lay down for a bit before hubby comes in from work as well as before the ltitlest bambino wakes up. Hope this isnt around for too long! I was just starting to enjoy my new found fitness & dont want to be knocked back down to where I was. In the same token, no point doing a damage that could have been avoided just but resting for a day or 2!

Friday, July 9, 2010

My challenge may have been shattered but I still managed over 5k cals in 5 days!

I did forget to add day 4 update! Went back over to Wagga & did a little more walking but didnt take my HRM this time (damn!) Hit up the gym where once again the PT set us a massive session! Started with what we thought was a jog & then that turned into indian trains!! (where the person at the back of the line has to sprint to the person at the front & take there place) I was doing well till near the end so stopped to walk it out a little.....PT had other ideas when he told the rest of the group they had to keep running until I got through to the front!! DAMN IT! SO I found myself pushing so hard to find that bit more to sprint to the front!! I was so happy to say i JFDI and got applause from the other ladies in the class for doing it! I actually ran/jogged the whole part of that sesh other than a 2 min breather!

Back at the gym & it was weights, pushups, burpees, situps (with 5kg medicine ball), seated rows, planks, standing rows with 10kg weight, leg magic machine, steps with weights, boxing  & we had to spend 2 mins at each station!! When we had done one full round it was time to do this crazy sprint thing. It was 5 pushups run 10 laps of gym, 5 pushups, 9 laps of gym etc til lit was down to 5 laps of the gym then it was swapover with other group! While the other group was running, we had to do continuous situps!! Abs are feeling it today too!! Hope I am well enough to go tomorrow as I do love seeing how much better I get each session!

Cals burnt = 957

In 5 days I have burnt a grand total of 5084 cals & that included the couple of hundred I managed today even though sick. I could look at it that I can still complete this since 6000 cals burnt in 6 days was the main aim BUT I also had the 1000 cals per day in there too so really would be cheating if I even did manage to get to gym in the morning. Maybe I have pushed myself too far but I doubt it since hubby isnt feeling well either. I really am crossing fingers that I can eat something tonight & keep it down then I can look forward to class in the morning. Otherwise perhaps a light walk around town might have to suffice till the body repairs.

My challenge has been shattered :(

Felt great this morning but by lunch time I started to feel a little icky in the tum. Thought a lay down with Tilly would help me feel a little better but woke up feel worse :( I managed a walk to burn around the 300 cal mark but that is no where near my benchmark of 1000 cals I wanted to burn everyday for 6 days.


I am thinking that I am going to have to rest this one out since not eating cant be good if exercising. It would jsut lead to injury or mass fatigue. I havent eaten since breakkie & its not from lack of trying either. I have on emouthful & jsut want to hurl. This isnt fair nor is it something I expectied since I have felt so well. My young fellow had a tummy bug a few days ago. We thoughr maybe food poisonming but I am wondering now if it was actually a 24hr tummy virus? Whatever it is I hope it passes soon. I am even contemplating giving gym a miss in the morning since I think going on an empty tummy is one thing but going on a tummy that hasnt had food in it for almost 24 hours is not a good thing at all.

Will try something light for dinner like toast maybe & see how that goes. I have some soup here so might give that a go with some toast. Hubby called from work saying he has the same thing. If it was something we had eaten wouldnt the kids be sick too? We havent had takeaway either!

I am going to crawl into a corner for a while & have a cry I think. I so wanted to get this goal done & whilst I came close I didnt cross the line. I have let myself, Ameila & Michelle down :( I will have to make up for this....I just have to!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Weightloss so far!

SW: 74.4kg
CW: 73.3kg
WLTW: 400g
TWL: 1.1kg
WIW1: 73.8kg
WIW2: 73.7kg

GW1 - 73.4kg ACHIEVED 8/07/10
GW2 - 72.5kg
GW3 - 71.5kg
GW4 - 70kg
GW5 - 68kg
10%GW - 67kg
EGW - 65kg

Slow & steady does it. at least the scales are coming down now & not jsut stuck! Not to mention I am feeling so much fitter to!!

All up I have lost 2.1kg since signing up with Michelle Bridges! So happy!

The trek for 1000 cals a day continues!

Day 3 - (Wednesday) I managed to burn my cals the weirdest but in the same token fun way today! Joys of living in the country is shopping isnt all in one place. Walking from one end of the main street to the other several time is a workout in itself. Those who have been to or live in Wagga would know that walking from Market Place to Rebel, back to Sturt Mall, up to Warehouse, down to target etc is a pretty fair distancewink

Anyhow I was adventurous & wore my HRM. In 3 hrs I had burnt a whopping 1467 calories! I also passed on maccas for breakkie since I managed to get in a couple of bits of toast before we left. I also was strong enough to say NO to take away lunch. I figured it was only 1 more hour till I was on a bus home so I would wait (much to the disappointment of the kidlets but there butts will thank me one day….haha!)

So whether it is cheating or not, ill take those cals as burnt fair & square since only those who know Baylis street know that yep you can work out & shop wink

My running total for the week so far is 2360 + 1467 = 3827 cals GONE!! Woohoo!!

Also got a Wii today (well Haydie did for his birthday from Aunty Bobbie) Next purchase is the Wii Fit Plus with the Jillian Michaels game (kmart has a spesh on it atm) Does Michelle have a game out on the Wii? Will have to do some searching over the next few days!

I also was in bed by 9.30 last night! The littlest bambino was have a shocker night sleeping as has been the norm for the last 4 nights so I went & laid with her. Before I knew it hubby was coming to bed & it was 11.30 *shock* You would think I would feel good today but nope not when you have a 22mth old waking every couple of hours going from her cot to your bed! I could do with more sleep I tell ya!

1000 Cals per day for 6 days!

Well this is what myself & another 12WBTer are doing for week 3
Call us crazy (we prolly are) but this is our little challenge. In with this challenge is also to eat clean with no slip ups & also drink at least 2lt of water each day!

Just to bring you up to what I have done!

Day 1 - (Monday) Ate clean & came in at around 1100 cals eaten (including a treat of a hot choc in the arvo) water intake worked out to almost 4 x 750ml pump bottles of water!
Did a walk early in the day & then smashed it up at circuit class in the evening. Total cals burnt = 1297

Day 2 - (Tuesday) Great with food as well as water! Went for a run (3km in which I did another PB of getting through 3km in less than 25mns!). Once home I set myself up my own little circuit. Did some boxing, 10km on the x trainer, pushups, situps, burpees, start jumps, crunches as well as core ties (this is what my pt calls them not sure how to explain them. Held it for 50 secs though so that is good!) Total cals burnt today = 1063 cals!

In just 2 training sessions I have burnt 2360 cals! Cals that are gone forever!!

Now here is hoping that I can keep on this little wagon I have set for myself. At this time I am feeling great! Not sore (yet) & keep to get it done.

So here is to 1000 cals per day & crossing fingers that by the weekend, I have tossed over 6000 cals!!

Can I do this….lets hope so!