Sunday, January 29, 2012

I may have fell off the wagon but I have the strength within now to get back on!

Well I got my essay done but it took a lot of will power to get there. Now its onto reading books in preparation for a 3 hour exam that I am quietly freaking out about.

Anyhow, onto my busy week and why its been so long since my last blog!

Well first of all we had to get the house in ship shape for an open house that the real estate wanted to do and then I had the essay to write and this was followed by my daughters sweet 16th. Now I am trying to organise things for a house inspection from the owners on Friday next week.....we only got a weeks notice but its not all bad since we have only just had a massive cleanout! WE have even reorganised our loungeroom which now looks so much roomier instead of confined and cluttered!

My eating and exercise has gone downhill this week :( Its sad that all I know can just disappear and I go back to not caring. It has also shown me that no matter how strong I am, I can still go back to old habits in the blink of an eye. At least it wasn't the gourmet gorges I use to indulge in so that is a plus but its still not the best is it. Whilst my main meals have been wonderful (even out at dinner for my daughters birthday I chose a small steak and salad), my snacking has been atrocious and has been my undoing. I had the tiniest slice of cake at my daughters birthday too and was so proud of myself! Even woke up on Australia Day and did a 5km fun run from the jail to the swimming pool. Was great walking with hubby, Tilly, Haydie and my mum. Whats better is I felt wonderful for the rest of the day too!

Now for the bad.... during the past 3 days, I have eaten more cake, maxibons and even chocolate! ARGH! Feeling a tad crappy today though cause of it all. I dont know how I use to live like this everyday! No wonder I was tired all the time. It was from the overload of unhealthy food in my body!

So today this is it. There is no 'oh ill start tomorrow since thats the new week".


I have just devoured an amazingly healthy bowl of muesli and am contemplating making up the other 150 calories with maybe a slice of toast or a yoghurt. I am just lucky that I have gotten stronger over the past 18+ months with Michelle and am able to pick up on these bad habits now before they turn into the norm way of life.

So there it is. I fell off the wagon. Even the strong have it happen!

The thing I have learnt though, is that you can prove your strength by getting back on quicker than you fell off. If you think you cant do it, THINK AGAIN! You can and you will. You cant play roulette with your life everyday.

In saying all the above, I had planned in advance to lax out on my daughters birthday which just so happens to also be Australia Day :) The thing is......I didnt have to lax out. It just all came naturally. Even the slice of mudcake that day was a small one. It was the mentality that came after that which I wasnt prepared for!

I am now bracing myself for possibly the first gain on the scales in well over 4 months. It is Sunday though and there is still time to turn things around.

Now to get everything organised and a plan laid out so that exercise is fit in with reading and keeping the house up to speed for the owners!

Have an amazing week everyone and remember.....falling off the wagon is takes strength to admit you are wrong and get back on :)


Cath xoxo

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Excuses? They are everywhere!

Today has been one of arguing with my little inner voice but this time its not for food surprisingly! Its to do with getting my essay done but the problem is I cant even begin to understand the book I am suppose to read and write 1500 words on so how can I move on and past the roadblock?

I think the problem is just like weight loss. If you think it seems to hard, then chances are your mind will convince you that it is too hard and you will continue on throwing things in the hard basket. This has always been my problem. This is also a time I would turn to chocolate, cake, cookies....absolutely anything that was jam packed with sugar and fat. I didnt care cause it is what I 'thought' helped me move past being in a hard place when all seems impossible. Now I am here with no vices such as chocolate to turn too and yes, I am finding it hard!

Losing weight is a tough task to take on, couple that with the continuing daily drills of life and it can seem like an uphill battle.....

But it doesnt have to be!

I started to slump into the whole, "its too hard", "I cant possibly do this", "where am I going to find the time?" and then I realised that once again my little inner voice is trying to convince me that these #EXCUSES are real in a hope that I will believe them.


Its time for me to step back up to the plate and take charge once again. I have been so good since Christmas and am still actually being great but I know it only takes one slip up into the trolley and its all over! Even just 15 minutes ago, I had to go to the shop to purchase a jar of Golden Honey Mustard Lite Chicken tonight and some stir fry veggies. That was it....that was all I #needed I really wanted some chocolate so instead I put in a big piece of watermelon and some of the Soleil cheesecake yoghurt type things. It is great to get the bill and its only $12 instead of the usual $40 and having the majority of it be junk!

Mick is definitely keeping me on track this time! Without him I think I would have slumped but instead, we are out walking everyday and burning almost 1000 calories each time! He alone on Wednesday did a 1600 calorie burn session in the morning followed by another 870 in the evening. He really is inspiring me to get off my butt and just move! It is so nice to walk through the forest with him and even nicer when we have Tilly in her pram and our 12 year old son on his bike. It would be better if my 17 and 15 year old daughters came but I think I would be pushing it to even think that would How much more picture perfect can you get when out walking in Australian bushland. Below are some pics from my walk yesterday with hubby!.

If you look closely there is a lizard in this pic. He wasnt a small one either. He is in between the broken tree branch and the tree with the thicker trunk. Almost trod on his tail and certainly got the heart rate up a lot!

 This is mine and hubbies new stomping grounds! We managed two laps yesterday so will keep improving on that. It is so serene out there! You wouldn't even know you were close to a town its that quiet.

In amongst the trees in this pic there were like 5 kangaroos and a couple of wallabies. Going to head out earlier next time to see how many more we can see. I think they are getting to know us since they dont just jump away now when we are walking past. they just stare at us as if to say "omg check out the weirdos walking in the heat!".

I will end here but I just want to let you all know that weight loss is an ongoing battle. It is not something that just happens and then you can forget about it. Sure we start to make choices that are healthy without even thinking but that little voice can also turn evil in the blink of an eye!

Good luck and always think to yourself.....


Cath xoxo

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

JFDI is more than four words strung together!

So its day two of pre-season and the forums are steadily getting busier and filling with new members as well as returning members. Its this time each round where I reflect on when I was a newbie. I was the one who was bright eyed and eager to learn everything Michelle had to teach me. It was so exciting!

It is hard to remember back to what it was like but it is nice to get caught up in the air of emotion that comes with pre-season kick off for the 12WBT program. It is a kick up the bum for some who have forgotten their way and for others, its just another day at the office so to speak.

As I have said a few time these past few days, I am back for my SIXTH consecutive round of 12WBT. Some might think that I am an addict or even a stalker (hell no!). I see it as a place of learning. It is where I learn each and every day how to be a better person.....inside and out. You see healthy also means happy albeit some days I am so tired I could easily say to hell with the #JFDI motto that has been linked to the program. Then I think that its this motto that gets us moving since I remember Mish telling us back in my first round that motivation is like a bad boyfriend that you keep waiting to turn up and never does. You see motivation is nothing compared to consistency and you cant get consistency without using the JFDI card.

I have grown slack over this off season. Let me see I was out the door at 5am every single morning before the finale. Then I got ill and was stuck in bed. Slowly but surely that consistency of getting up and into robot mode slithered away and before I knew it, excuses were slowly creeping back in again.

I am lucky this time round as I have my hubby aka Mick beside me in all my workouts. Even yesterday I tried to use an excuse of snakes out in the forest to which he just told me to JFDI......yep that seems to be the lingo of the day as it is what I hear several times through out 24 hours. Even my uni work needs to have the JFDI card pulled sometimes and even when I have to do washing or cleaning.

4 little words that on there own mean little but out them together and you have a very powerful mind setting sentence! JFDI!! Just Freaking Do It.

Even this blog this evening was done utilising the JFDI card! It works with everything not just exercise or eating healthy.

Today was a big one for me with it though.....we were in McDonalds (oh dare I say it!) and I ordered a seared chicken garden salad with no dressing. I was told it would be a 10 minute wait unless I wanted crispy was hard cause I hate waiting but you know what....I flexed my little willpower muscle (which is getting stronger these days) and said.......


And wait I did. When we got home, I again pulled out that famous card and headed for a walk with my toddler in her pram, hubby and also my 12 year old son and went into the forest! I did plan on a double lap but when we got there, my ankle decided to go one way and my foot another. It isnt feeling too bad now but I did perservere with it and manage one lap around. It was gorgeous! We saw lizards to which my toddler was trying to think of a pokemon that looked the same so she could give it a name (was very cute!) and we also saw a wallaby. Its so nice to live in the country and get to see those things. I have lived here for almost 4 years and never once been through there till yesterday! Sad that we have this gorgeous forest walk and I have never walked it! So glad I have now! Not to mention the 1022 calories I burnt along the way! Pushing an 18kg toddler in a pram must be good for the workout ;)

Anyhow, I am pulling my JFDI card once again and going to sit with the hubby who is casually playing the PS3 atm so might join him with a nice hot cup of green tea.

Weigh in day tomorrow and guess what.......

IM EXCITED!!! (cant believe I am saying that!)

So to everyone who is reading.....JFDI is more than just four can become a way of life ;)

Cath xoxo

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Why do I keep clicking the sign up button?

So here I sit with my 6th round of 12WBT about to start. Yes you read correctly, my 6th round. So why do I keep coming back? Its not like I have continually lost weight throughout those previous 5 rounds. Infact, 3 of those rounds I donated my money (to a good cause of course), and gained 15kg! So what is going on? Why am I still signed up?

Because halfway during my last round which was my 5th, I am proud to say that I finally got it! I finally got the whole food/exercise thing. I finally got that Mish isnt just a hard arse and that yes this woman really does know her stuff. Most of all, I finally felt like I was in a good place.

So why did it take so long to get there? Why am I the first to promote 12WBT when it took me so long to get in the mindset? you know why......because the program works. Its people such as myself who find it harder to just get in and get it right the first time. To be honest, my first round ever was ok. It was not fabulous or trailblazing but I lost weight. A whole 7kg and was within 5kg of my goal weight. So here it is.

This is my story of my lengthy but memorable 12WBT journey.

I read back on my first ever post in the 12WBT forums (yes I have it saved on my computer), and I have tears as I see how far I have come since that day. I was in such a dark place and dealing with a non sleeping bubba wasnt helping. I was lost. I had been following Michelles brand new 12WBT page as it was currently finishing off its first ever round. The stories I was reading from people on there had me thinking that this program was for me. It was time to find who Cath was. So I clicked the little SIGN UP button. I am so glad I did now but I can tell you back then it was a struggle. It was difficult cause even though I was sad and depressed, I was also struggling with the thought of having to fit in exercise and healthy cooking as well as be a mum to 4 children, one of which was a baby and a wife to an amazing man who was working 12 hour shifts. I sat there night after night and watched the little video that was up there to promote the program. I nodded everytime Michelle would say "how would you like me to be your personal trainer!" I mean Michelle trainer.....just WOW! 2 weeks later I was in. Button was pushed and I started to make some amazing new friends on the forums. It was filled with chit chat of other woman, (oh and how could I forget Albert and CaptOz), who all wanted the same thing. to lose weight and be happy with themselves. So many people all with the one dream. So many amazing superstars as I now call them, who are at there goal weights and living out their dreams but thats not what this blog is about :)

So my first 12 weeks was filled with highs and lows. Many lows in fact but I still remember the highs too. The feeling of finishing my first gym session, the feeling that I had given up cigarettes cold turkey, the feeling of beating my 1km time trial, the feeling that I was able to keep up with the gym group as I got fitter. The best part though, I was eating healthy and I was losing weight. Tilly loved her walks in the pram and it also helped to soothe her so that meant time out from the crying. I finished up my 12 weeks being a 6 day a week workout person. I would gym 3 days a week and walk with Tilly the other 3 days. My family was so supportive and caring through that time and I went from feeling lost to feeling just a little important. After you start this journey, I dont think you ever forget that first meeting with Michelle and not to mention that all important PHOTO!

 Yep I was starstruck! Here was a woman standing in the same room talking to me and making me feel important! It worked cause when I came home from the Sydney finale, I put in my application for uni. I stopped thinking I cant and started thinking that I can. Maybes turned to definites and no turned into yes.

Then slowly but surely things went pear shaped. I signed up for my 2nd round (round 3 2010), and it was downhill for me personally. My PT left for a holiday and the gym didnt replace him. The girls stopped going to the gym and before I knew it, it was just me left. So I too stopped going. My 6 days a week at the gym turned into 4 then 2 and then eventually I wasnt going at all. I was still eating ok however so weight didnt gain rapidly. I cruised through that round, didnt really lose or gain weight but I wasnt happy since I only had 5kg to go to get to my goal....WTH was I doing!

Welcome Round 1 2011 and my 3rd round. Ummm yep maybe we should skip that one and the next one since I did nothing. I dont think I even watched a live feed video. I did the occasional forum post and really just let it all slide. Uni study was hectic and I didnt have time (or so I thought), to cook healthy food or go workout. I did a blog post not to long ago about the price of eating out. I mean heck at uni I can get a bucket of chips and a coke for $5. If I want a healthy wrap and a water, well I am looking at around almost $10! Thats double the unhealthy option. I could have always spent the time packing my lunch but nope, eating out was faster. Yes it was faster but as you will see in the next part, it was a really bad choice but it was also a really good wake up call!

So lets skip through to Round 3 2011 with a Huggies twist. This was Michelle and the 12WBT crews new project. This program was the same type of 12WBT I had known and loved but it was geared towards mums with bubs, pregnant mums, breastfeeding mums or ever those thinking of having a bambino. I thought, yep, I am going to give this a good go. I am going to be honest to myself this round and I have so many other mums who know only too well how it feels when bubs is ill and wont leave you alone. I put in 110% and the results show. I during the program I lost close to 7kg. Most of which was done in the second half of the program when everything clicked into place. I am still losing weight now even during off season as I am subconsciously making the right choices without even thinking now! Best of all I was crowned the Huggies Inspirational Blogger AND came in the top 20 overall transformations!. I also was able to get a new pic with Michelle although I felt a little overwhelmed since I was 8kg heavier than when I saw her last but you know what......I realised that it shouldnt matter cause the most important thing had occurred.......I GOT IT!

As a mum, sometimes you cant just JFDI as much as you would like too. There are other people in our lives that we need to look after as well and all the people on this part of the program understood. I have made some amazing new friends during this most recent round and more so, they also helped me get to the Sydney finale. It was like they knew something I didnt!. I know a lot of them are not coming back as they did so well last round, they are at goal and ready to tackle the world on their own.

For me, Huggies 12WBT helped me turn on that weight loss light. I think reading about other mums who were getting out there and really just doing it was inspiring to me. Then seeing them all jump on board the #crackofarse sessions that Amelia runs was just amazing. I mean heck, if they can do it I can too right? It all just went from there. Kind of like a snowball effect but in a good way :) I also turned to my blog and the forums to post about my journey. It didnt phase me  if people read it or not as it was my way to get it all out there instead of bottling it up inside.

So here we are at the current day and I sit here all ready and signed up to my 6th 12WBT. I am once again on board with the Huggies crew as I just think that is home now. It also doesnt have the hustle and bustle of the main forums but I know that will change with time as the program becomes more popular and widely known about. For now though, I am happy with where I am today and where I am going tomorrow. For once it is all laid out and planned although I could be better with exercise so have to get that happening again.

Pre-season starts in just 2 days and I honestly cant wait. The forums are already buzzing with new people as well as those returning for another round and it really is exciting! I honestly think that if you are a mum or wanting to become a mum, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you signing up for the Michelle Bridges 12WBT HUGGIES round. It is what it took for me to finally get it as well as understand what it means to be important as well.

So what have you got to lose? Oh yeah just all that excess baggage that holds you back each and every day. I guess what I wanted to say was, no matter how much you tell yourself you cant, if you really want it then you can. Only you can take this journey. This is something that no other person but yourself can do but you and yes you may be the sort of person who gets it from the start but know that it is ok if it takes you a bit longer to get there. Just do yourself a favour......dont EVER give up on yourself :) You can get there if you just try! Clicking this link is your first step to a better, more exciting, more fun YOU!

Just some Vids to change your mind even more :)

And the Huggies Vid made up by Lizzy who was a member of round 3 2011

Cath xoxo

Saturday, January 7, 2012

So I took Control Today

So a continuation on from this mornings blog.....I posted this also in the new Huggies forums but figure it should be here to as it was blog worthy!

So this morning I woke up and after a mini meltdown, I sent the inner teenager to her bedroom and pulled one of the biggest JFDI cards EVER!

In 2 hours 2 minutes and 44 seconds, I had finally finished my super Saturday session. It took a lot to get through and even at times I just wanted to stop but you know what......I didnt. I started my workout with a goal in mind and that was I would not stop till my HRM ticked over at least 1000 calories today. The other thing was it had to be exercise. Not washing the car or mowing the lawn. Real workout stuff!

I sat for a while procrastinating wondering what I could do and then BAM! it hit me. I have DVDS. I have workout equipment....what more could I possibly need. I have the tools from Michelle from previous rounds. I can do this. I just needed to convince myself that I could.

I started the workout with some Jillian Michaels who kicked my butt totally during the 20 or so minutes that 30 day shred goes for. I was well short though of my 1000 calories. I had managed 296 cals so what next.....


Step up to the plate Michelle Bridges and her Cardio Kicker DVD. One word for that....just WOW! I really enjoyed it and got through the WHOLE DVD. Checked the HRM but I was still short of my 1000 calorie burn. 807 calories gone so far....I needed more....

You know what I did.....I thought I would kick my own butt for the finish.....

So I fought all the inner voices and demons and got on the crosstrainer. My aim was to get that HRM past the 1000 calories....I managed to get there but then thought, nah ill go for the 10km instead! and you know what.....


With Jillian, Michelle and then the final burst on the cross trainer, I managed to burn off a grand total of 1157 calories. Ah I feel fabulous now! I am really happy with myself that I fought the hard war and won out. Usually I would have stopped after Jillian so to go on and do the full workout with Michelle and then to further it with 10km on the cross trainer was nothing short of amazing.

I hope you have all gone out there and done something. The program may not have officially started yet but why wait? Why wait for tomorrow when you can begin today?

Cath xoox

Inner Voice was winning but I am taking back control!

So here I sit at 11am on a Saturday morning after only just finishing off breakfast and I am thinking to myself.....


I mean the breakkie was healthy (poached egg, small slice of ham on a muffin) but why am I eating it so late and moreso why have I not yet even worked out? This has been something on my mind since I got well after being ill. My workouts have once again slowed and I am digging around for excuses. Todays excuse at this time is that hubby is called into work and it wouldnt be fair for me to work out without him.....For gods sake woman, get your thinking back to the clear cut way it was only a month ago!

So this is my dilemma but you know what.....its a good dilemma since I have picked up on it this time. I just need to find the strength to just get out there again. You know, beat the brain at its own mind games. I can feel the inner voice gaining in power and I need to get back on top of it before it totally takes over as this is where things went downhill last time. I will be the stronger one in this this time! I will win this battle.

My food however in all of this has been spot on. Last night was the first struggle I have had but you know what, there was zero junk food in the house. Even hubbies chocolate stash is gone! Green tea was failing to help the situation for a first time ever so I took myself off to bed. Although there is another bad habit creeping back in since it was almost 1am. I guess that would explain the not getting up this morning till after 9am but I will say that I was up at 7am with hubby getting his healthy lunch organised for work......silly thing I did was went back to bed instead of staying up and awake which is what I would have done only just a few short weeks ago.

So now what? how do I combat this demon that is creeping back in to my life? I know that it would only be a matter of time before the food would start to drift as well. I need to get on top of this NOW! I have been so excited to have hubby working out with me and now the time has come, I can feel myself back off. I think I worked out yesterday what the problem is and now I know, I can work on fighting that part of the demon too!

The thing is, I think I get embarrassed and am afraid that if I do an exercise wrong I will be laughed at. I realised this just yesterday while at mums doing zumba. It is only myself, mum and my little sister but you know what, I still have a complex that they are looking at me thinking to themselves that I am a weirdo! It was a wonderful thing to work this out half way through my workout cause I beat that inner voice I really did dance like noone was watching! 603 calories later, with sweat pouring off me and I felt great. You know what though, mum never said a word about how stupid I may have looked. It didnt matter as we were all on the same page. We all want to get fit and healthy. I even took my scales to her house so that she could weigh in and get all those fancy percentage things that it tells you.

I have learnt today that ~Try not to take things personally, what people often say is a reflection of them and not you.~

So today, I am going to wait for my brekkie to go down and you know what, I am going to get in and do a SSS. For those that dont know the lingo, that is a Super Saturday Session and I can tell you now, I think it might just actually, it WILL hurt. Best of all though, I know I can do this and not have to even leave my house. You see, exercise can be done any place, anywhere.

Until next time, thats me checking out! Ill check back in later this afternoon with an update on how I went fighting this inner voice demon that seems to think its OK to sit down and do nothing since hey I am eating properly thats all I need right.....WRONG! I can do this!!

Cath xoxo

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goodbye 2011 Hello 2012

So I have taken some time away from the blogging world as well as relaxed myself over the last 2 weeks. For me, weightloss is about balance and without it I fail. This time I wanted to forget the extremes and just go with what I felt was the norm over the Christmas break. I didnt go crazy and just pig out but I did eat plenty of foods that would normally have been taboo on my shopping list. Really, it wasnt all that hard since I had the mindset of where I wanted to be. I had a goal over Christmas to finish with the first weigh in of the new year (which is tomorrow), at either my final weigh in 12WBT weight or lower. I figure balance also means that I need to have goals in place ready to counter what may have turned into a massive snowball of bad food (which I am learning isnt all bad in moderation) and too much alcohol.

Christmas this year was made that little bit easier since my mum has decided to get back on the healthy wagon too. We both made sure that there were plenty of healthy options at Christmas lunch including a sweet potato bake with all light ingredients instead of the usual fat filled full version of potato bake. It was nice finishing lunch and not feeling bloated. I even passed on the dessert which was trifle although later in the evening I splurged and had a piece of pavlova. My alcohol intake was limited since I just didnt feel like drinking really. I had my own Vodka and Lime with a sugar free lemonade so was making my own pretty weak but just enough to feel like I was drinking with the rest of the family. It also felt wonderful waking up boxing day and not have the usual bloated feeling and hangover for a change. Not to mention having the energy to get through the day after Christmas.

With Christmas over and the new weeks started, it was off to Canberra to see my little sister Sam who I havent seen for well over six months. Even whilst away for the day, I still chose what I figured was healthy although I knew the portion sizes were no where near acceptable. I mean a 500g steak! EEK that is half a cow isnt it. I had to giggle as I thought about that one piece feeding almost 5 people. It is funny how our thought process just changes. Just like that.

Fast forward to New Years Eve and I awoke feeling a tad under the weather. I thought that maybe I was just a little tired since I hadnt stopped really since Christmas Eve. I have been on my feet the whole time pretty much and heading to bed late with early morning starts. It was all catching up and I was wearing down. I tried to be preppy and happy throughout the day since I had my other sister coming over to spend new years with us as well as wanted to take the family down to the street party our little town was having. At around 5pm I thought I would try having a home made vodka, lemon and lime just to see how it would go. Surprisingly it went down well but not that well. I figure I may as well make the most of the evening and enjoy it. So I placed a smile on my dial and off we went.

New Years day saw me awake with a major case of a sore throat. I couldnt swallow and it hurt to talk. I wondered how could someone like me who was healthy could get ill. Then I thought back to the last time I even spent the day relaxing at home......the day before Christmas Eve and even then it was spent travelling backwards and forwards to Wagga. I felt totally exhausted. I didnt want to get out of bed. So much for my new year plan to start on the 1st January!

On the 31st December 2011, my amazing hubby came home with some amazing things! Oh I love this guy so much. He is planning on going side by side with me this time although he is working on muscle while I am still working on the weight loss and toning. With the equipment we now have here at home we no longer need to complain about not having a gym since we can do this ourselves. We really have left ourselves no more excuses.

So where does my mindset lay for this year. To be honest, I am ready to go. I am making the right choices without thinking about it and I have the added support of my hubby too this time! It will be nice not to be working out alone as well as having that special someone right there all the time. I know that he will help push me further than I would normally push myself. He has already set up the challenge.....hehe. I think this year is going to be filled with lots of fun, loads of healthy food, tonnes of sweat and possibly a lot of tears. Tears of happiness of course. This is the year that I will never look back and say oh how I wish. This is the year that I look forward and I just do!

Afterall, even though this will be round 6 of 12WBT for me, this is the first ever that I will have my partner in life right there with me every step of the way. I think that this is setting up to be an extra special round.

Watch this space......

Cath xoxo