Sunday, November 6, 2011

The light is on and there is no turning it out this time!

Well once again this silly duffer got on the scales this would think I would have learnt by now that weight in is WEDNESDAY no any other day of the week. Seriously, I got get my head right with this before it puts me down again. A bonus however, I did take my measurements yesterday as last weeks 100g weigh in loss has been constantly on my mind. I was happy dancing and cant wait to officially measure up now wink

Yesterday was amazing, I got 3 tweets from the amazing Michelle too! My favourite one however was when a good 12WBT friend I made back in round two last year tweeted -

"@MishBridges @cathperko is doing a wonderful job i think she has got her mindset right."

and Michelles reply

"@patricia250862 @cathperko I think so too! Really proud! X"

That is the biggest thing for me so far....Michelle said she was proud. I have felt that I have let her and the 12WBT team during other rounds but promised this one that I would shine! and here I am hoping that I am shining for them as I feel that I am shining for me.

Yesterday was a day of other big things too! I finally put a pic up of me in my LJ gear. Lumps and bumps and all. Its a work in progress though right smile This week has been happy dance week. A week of overcoming fears and overcoming that inner voice. Its been a week of learning to listen to myself and not being scared to ask for help. A time when I got out there and worked out at 4.30 in the morning.....ON MY OWN!

I have learnt so much this week and from here on, things can only get better. I admire my fellow 12WBTers who have been where I am and are now doing bigger things. Hoffy, Lisa the butterfly, Patricia, Detta, Bec, Sara gosh there is so many from my first round who have helped me along the way to where I am today. I cant forget my new huggies 12WBTers either, Shona, Lizzy & Courtney just to mention a couple. Dont despair if you are not mentioned as you are all important to me on my journey. To Michelle and also to Amelia and the 12WBT team, this program is amazing! You arent just helping people lose weight, you are changing peoples lives.

Number one supporters though are my family. They are my biggest critics and support but they can also be my biggest sabotagers as well. They are the ones who keep me strong when all seems lost. I have to pass an honorable mention to Kim, my morning walking partner who helps give me that extra push out the door when needed.

So it seems my week has been a massive mindset week! A good one though. As I have said before, for some this change happens so quickly but for others, it takes time. Know this though, even though you may feel like you have failed, you can only fail if you quit totally. I thank the amazing Jillian for that one smile I had to attach this pic cause this is how I have been feeling this week! The quote sums it up totally.

So keep up the good work 12WBTers! We are over the hallway hurdle as tomorrow we awake into week 7. A week when even more realisations will occur and friendships bonded that little more.

As an added bonus, I have attached a pic of my new favourite snack! Strawberries dipped in low fat yoghurt and then frozen wink


Cath xoxo


  1. Of course Mish said she is proud - this round you are killing it! PS - I am so making those strawberries! Yummo!!