Friday, November 4, 2011

Focus and Determination makes winners!

Well for those that saw my post in the I did it forum woohoo! How good is that. For those that didn't, heres a copy and I will also expand on it.

Well I did it! 5 days straight of what's called #crackofarse training. Amelia Burton started it on twitter a while back and every so often she has the #crackofarse challenge smile

Monday - Friday this week I have had my workout completed by 6am! Yesterday and today it was over by 5.30!

Talk about early starts. So here is my morning week in pictures!


According to Polar Personal Trainer, my stats for this week are

Training Sessions - 6
Duration - 05:23 hh:mm
Calories - 3333
Distance - 26.9km

I did a double session on Tuesday and have another session planned for this afternoon. I spoilt myself last night by getting some new summery Lorna Jane workout gear and feeling guilty for it but there has to come a time when I am worth it right!

SSS to still add on to this and heres hoping those scales are good to me next week. I am still a little shell shocked at this weeks measly 100g loss but I will not let that beat me this time!

Already this week I have burnt a whopping 3333 calories and its only day 5! Still tomorrows session to go in there and not to mention that I am adding to todays workout this afternoon. This mornings walk was actually more a run! I smashed my 4km record by 5 whole minutes. I have been doing it in around 46 though......39 minutes and 5 seconds!! I am very impressed with that. So with workout done and dusted by 5.25am this morning and it being the 5th morning in a row that I had finished before 6am, I am doing very happy dances today. I am however VERY tired! I think I am going to need the sleep in tomorrow but I wont let that hold me back. There is still one more day in the workout week......sleep in can happen on Sunday!

So all this exercise got me thinking, where did this new found focus and determination come from. It has been like a light bulb was switched on and that was it! No more complaining or self sabotage, just getting out there training hard and then eating clean along the way. I have not had anything majorly unhealthy Since Saturday and that was pizza night but even then 2 bits and that was it! our pizza shop even makes them fairly healthy compared to the Dominos/Eagle Boys versions.So what clicked? Even I am still trying to work it out but the little voice in my head is even starting to play along and say "yeah yeah I get it now" rather than "go back to bed you sill woman the sun isnt even up!"

I think it is finally all clicking into place that I am really worth all the effort I am putting in, that I really do have people that love and care about me and most of all that no matter what, above all else, I CAN do it.

Thats me signing off for the blog today. This mornings pic wasnt quite as pretty as the others since the sun was only JUST starting to come up.


Cath xoxo

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  1. You know what Cath, its the amazing support you have in this Huggies round! Our facebook page is pretty damn cool and I think it helps so much to be able to say how you are feeling and get a fairly instant response for at least 10 other people who are feeling the exact same way but have pushed through, thus giving you the inspiration and determination to do it yourself. A few years ago I tried to do the biggest loser version. I had a subscription for a year. The first effort was sidelined by my pregnancy and my subscription was suspended, when I started again a few months after Bub was born I did it for about a week or two then gave up.
    I was very worried that this would end up the same. I know know that the support from the forums and our FB page is making a world of difference. I do not feel that I am alone and I am not hiding from anyone. Some people like to sit back and struggle away by themselves (that was me once) but maybe since having PND I have learnt the value of asking for help and the need to share your feelings. Maybe blogging has helped me with that too. I have lost my fear of conversing (via the internet) with stranger - if they were standing next to me it might be different.
    Here's to you Cath, I know you will get to the end, you better or you'll have 189 Huggies 12WBT FB group member coming after you!. X <3