Thursday, July 8, 2010

1000 Cals per day for 6 days!

Well this is what myself & another 12WBTer are doing for week 3
Call us crazy (we prolly are) but this is our little challenge. In with this challenge is also to eat clean with no slip ups & also drink at least 2lt of water each day!

Just to bring you up to what I have done!

Day 1 - (Monday) Ate clean & came in at around 1100 cals eaten (including a treat of a hot choc in the arvo) water intake worked out to almost 4 x 750ml pump bottles of water!
Did a walk early in the day & then smashed it up at circuit class in the evening. Total cals burnt = 1297

Day 2 - (Tuesday) Great with food as well as water! Went for a run (3km in which I did another PB of getting through 3km in less than 25mns!). Once home I set myself up my own little circuit. Did some boxing, 10km on the x trainer, pushups, situps, burpees, start jumps, crunches as well as core ties (this is what my pt calls them not sure how to explain them. Held it for 50 secs though so that is good!) Total cals burnt today = 1063 cals!

In just 2 training sessions I have burnt 2360 cals! Cals that are gone forever!!

Now here is hoping that I can keep on this little wagon I have set for myself. At this time I am feeling great! Not sore (yet) & keep to get it done.

So here is to 1000 cals per day & crossing fingers that by the weekend, I have tossed over 6000 cals!!

Can I do this….lets hope so!

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