Friday, July 9, 2010

My challenge has been shattered :(

Felt great this morning but by lunch time I started to feel a little icky in the tum. Thought a lay down with Tilly would help me feel a little better but woke up feel worse :( I managed a walk to burn around the 300 cal mark but that is no where near my benchmark of 1000 cals I wanted to burn everyday for 6 days.


I am thinking that I am going to have to rest this one out since not eating cant be good if exercising. It would jsut lead to injury or mass fatigue. I havent eaten since breakkie & its not from lack of trying either. I have on emouthful & jsut want to hurl. This isnt fair nor is it something I expectied since I have felt so well. My young fellow had a tummy bug a few days ago. We thoughr maybe food poisonming but I am wondering now if it was actually a 24hr tummy virus? Whatever it is I hope it passes soon. I am even contemplating giving gym a miss in the morning since I think going on an empty tummy is one thing but going on a tummy that hasnt had food in it for almost 24 hours is not a good thing at all.

Will try something light for dinner like toast maybe & see how that goes. I have some soup here so might give that a go with some toast. Hubby called from work saying he has the same thing. If it was something we had eaten wouldnt the kids be sick too? We havent had takeaway either!

I am going to crawl into a corner for a while & have a cry I think. I so wanted to get this goal done & whilst I came close I didnt cross the line. I have let myself, Ameila & Michelle down :( I will have to make up for this....I just have to!

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