Thursday, July 8, 2010

The trek for 1000 cals a day continues!

Day 3 - (Wednesday) I managed to burn my cals the weirdest but in the same token fun way today! Joys of living in the country is shopping isnt all in one place. Walking from one end of the main street to the other several time is a workout in itself. Those who have been to or live in Wagga would know that walking from Market Place to Rebel, back to Sturt Mall, up to Warehouse, down to target etc is a pretty fair distancewink

Anyhow I was adventurous & wore my HRM. In 3 hrs I had burnt a whopping 1467 calories! I also passed on maccas for breakkie since I managed to get in a couple of bits of toast before we left. I also was strong enough to say NO to take away lunch. I figured it was only 1 more hour till I was on a bus home so I would wait (much to the disappointment of the kidlets but there butts will thank me one day….haha!)

So whether it is cheating or not, ill take those cals as burnt fair & square since only those who know Baylis street know that yep you can work out & shop wink

My running total for the week so far is 2360 + 1467 = 3827 cals GONE!! Woohoo!!

Also got a Wii today (well Haydie did for his birthday from Aunty Bobbie) Next purchase is the Wii Fit Plus with the Jillian Michaels game (kmart has a spesh on it atm) Does Michelle have a game out on the Wii? Will have to do some searching over the next few days!

I also was in bed by 9.30 last night! The littlest bambino was have a shocker night sleeping as has been the norm for the last 4 nights so I went & laid with her. Before I knew it hubby was coming to bed & it was 11.30 *shock* You would think I would feel good today but nope not when you have a 22mth old waking every couple of hours going from her cot to your bed! I could do with more sleep I tell ya!

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