Sunday, July 11, 2010

No exercise for 2 days makes for lots of work to do!

So I woke this morning with the motivation to JFDI! sick or not I wasnt sitting around doing nothing.

I went for a nice close to 3km run & whilst out I did run most of the way!1 I also smashed a new PB for the mile according to my Nike +ipod program! Not bad for a sick one hey ;) 300 cals in 20 mins....yep Ill take that ;)

It wasnt enough though so I managed to finish Jillian Michales 3 day shred (level 1). I havent done it in ages as I jsut couldnt get through it all.....I again surprised myself but not only finishing it without stopping but also managing to do all the moves pretty much on the higher level (other than damn pushups...haha) Again another 300 cals gone in 20 mins!

Once little Miss Matilda finally goes down for her arvo nap (if she goes down), i will finish up my day with time on the x trainer! I have done a bit of everything today and feeling load better! Although I think I have sweated off bucket loads which is so not usual!

Have fun, eat well & smash those cals!

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