Friday, July 9, 2010

My challenge may have been shattered but I still managed over 5k cals in 5 days!

I did forget to add day 4 update! Went back over to Wagga & did a little more walking but didnt take my HRM this time (damn!) Hit up the gym where once again the PT set us a massive session! Started with what we thought was a jog & then that turned into indian trains!! (where the person at the back of the line has to sprint to the person at the front & take there place) I was doing well till near the end so stopped to walk it out a little.....PT had other ideas when he told the rest of the group they had to keep running until I got through to the front!! DAMN IT! SO I found myself pushing so hard to find that bit more to sprint to the front!! I was so happy to say i JFDI and got applause from the other ladies in the class for doing it! I actually ran/jogged the whole part of that sesh other than a 2 min breather!

Back at the gym & it was weights, pushups, burpees, situps (with 5kg medicine ball), seated rows, planks, standing rows with 10kg weight, leg magic machine, steps with weights, boxing  & we had to spend 2 mins at each station!! When we had done one full round it was time to do this crazy sprint thing. It was 5 pushups run 10 laps of gym, 5 pushups, 9 laps of gym etc til lit was down to 5 laps of the gym then it was swapover with other group! While the other group was running, we had to do continuous situps!! Abs are feeling it today too!! Hope I am well enough to go tomorrow as I do love seeing how much better I get each session!

Cals burnt = 957

In 5 days I have burnt a grand total of 5084 cals & that included the couple of hundred I managed today even though sick. I could look at it that I can still complete this since 6000 cals burnt in 6 days was the main aim BUT I also had the 1000 cals per day in there too so really would be cheating if I even did manage to get to gym in the morning. Maybe I have pushed myself too far but I doubt it since hubby isnt feeling well either. I really am crossing fingers that I can eat something tonight & keep it down then I can look forward to class in the morning. Otherwise perhaps a light walk around town might have to suffice till the body repairs.

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