Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Who said healthy cant taste good!

Last nights dinner was what I have pictured above! A delish mix of chilli & beef. I am not a chilli person since I really dont like spicy BUT this was so different. there was a slight hint of spice but not alot. It was just nice. Oh by the way, this is called Chilli Beef Stir fry. I am loving the food that is available that is also low in cals! I can get use to eating like this very easily. This one is in at 323 cals! It is also made on rump steak too!!

 Tonights was just as good. Cajun chicken with sweet potato wedges & avocado salad! I was a bit up in the air with this one since I have never had avocado! Yep thats right, I am an avocado virgin!!! I had heard so many bad things about taste etc that I never bothered & avoided it. I have decided that I will try anything (within reason as I still dont think I could eat skippy!) during this 12 weeks. Just in a couple of days I have eaten chilli, avocado as well as salad sides I never thought I would!

I am amazed at how much I had been over eating! My portion sizes have been cut in half pretty much and even though I am eating less, I am just not hungry! These meals that Michelle has set up for us actually keeps us full enough that I dont even really need to have any snacks! Its good to have them there though throughout the day just incase!

Anyhow enough food talk & onto my day! I have had a wonderful day with not only food but also with exercise! after gym class being cancelled last night I was so down since I had only done my fitness test so had burnt no where near the allocated 500 a day! I made it my mission today to make up for it and I did! I managed 13km on the cross trainer in 33 minutes then moved onto Michelles strength workout! Ouch ouch ouch! I managed to do all that was required though including the 400m jog. I followed all this up with a 30 minute walk since I had to go to the shop anyhow. Total cals burnt.........1087!! I couldnt believe it. Gym is back tomorrow night so will be doing those sort of numbers again although I dont know how my body is going to pull up in the morning since I am a little sore this evening.

First official weigh in tomorrow. Not really expecting any change since I havent seen anything for 3-4weeks on the scales so why would now be any different? At least this will put the 12WBT family weighing in on the same day!

Until tomorrow, eat healthy & burn those cals!


  1. I love your blog, great way to present what you are eating, excellent photos :-). Best wishes. :-)

    Kathy Shell

  2. Great blog! you might find you may be pleasantly surprised tomorrow!!
    Good luck :)