Saturday, July 10, 2010

No Super Smash Saturday for me today but lots of rest & water!

Didnt get much sleep at all last night. Tossed & turned as well as got woken by hubby who was in & out of bed. It would seem we are both ill BUT here is the funny thing.......I am alot better than he is. My tummy might be a little upset & I have a bit of a fever as well as body aches & pains but hubby is suffering really bad! He was on the toilet ever half hour last night (sorry for TMI) & was feeling like crap. I wonder if its cause of my new healthy way of life? all the exercise & the water drinking that is helping my body fight this infection & keep me kind of feeling ok?

So there was no gym for me at 7am this morning! i was so peeved too. My eldest daughter said I should have gone & took a bucket....haha. Gosh she is funny sometimes ;) I now have until 6pm Monday night before gym is back again so time to ease back into things AFTER I am well again. If tummy is settled in the morning I might go for a nice walk (weather permitting) or if raining then I have the cross trainer here so will just have some slow going on that for a little bit. dont you hate how life throws you a curve ball just when things are getting so great! So glad I worked my butt off this week with cal burning though! 5k cals is great for the week & is helping me feel not so guilty as I sit here typing this up now.

I have at least had some breakkie today & also managed to eat a Le Rice without the tummy churning too much. Head is still pounding & body is still aching so not going to push myself too much at this time. I smashed it up with the cals all week so a couple of days off isnt going to ruin my work! just have to find what to eat that is not only healthy but also good in the tum.

Might go lay down for a bit before hubby comes in from work as well as before the ltitlest bambino wakes up. Hope this isnt around for too long! I was just starting to enjoy my new found fitness & dont want to be knocked back down to where I was. In the same token, no point doing a damage that could have been avoided just but resting for a day or 2!

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