Saturday, July 24, 2010

What a crappy week it has been but its not all bad!

What a week. I almost gave up & threw it all in only yesterday.

I had weigh in on Wednesday where I managed to lose 600g! Stoked I was yep!. After my horror eating week I still was lucky enough to record a loss. I am now down to 72.2kg which is the lightest I have been in 3 years!! Lets hope I can continue on with this and keep the numbers going down!

I will do this up into 2 blog entries so that the one from last night is the most recent and so this one isnt a monster entry.

To cut a long story short, we are waiting on monies to come through from the Austrralian Tax Office as well as Centrelink. Well......neither has any idea when it will be paid /sigh. I even rang the treasurers office (Wayne Swann) to be told they would enquire about it & have it fixed up & paid through by yesterday.....fat load of crap from the current government since they didnt even call. I then rang my local member (Kay Hull), so sad that she has retired from politics as of 19th July but her office is still open until her seat is taken over on 21st August. What a shock I got when I had a phone call within about half an hour of talking to her office from a lady at the ATO. She explained why my Education Tax Rebate was being held up (lodged on 1st July) and that I should definitely have it by 2nd August. Not what I wanted to hear but I guess it will have to do. Looking at it, its only another 8 days away. Centrelink said that the link with the ATO can stay open for up to 14 days but feels my supps will be through by weeks end. then to top it off the date for party was released and it was all over from there since I really thought I couldnt go as it was on my bubs 2nd birthday. Devastation central here for me....such a drama queen huh.

Rewind a little though. I had been so down about trying to work out how to pay things out that I one again punished myself. My breakfast consisted of a cup of tea, lunch was shocking though! Choc biscuits, choc cake washed down with a hot chocolate! OMG why! I wont say it wasnt good but god I felt so nauseas afterwards. I wasnt even going to gym since I could really afford to waste the money on the class but I went anyhow.

It was here that things got interesting. Our workout was once again a full cardio session. I had one of those just on Wednesday night. I should probably explain what we did Wednesday so you have some idea of the workout I was still recovering from. (I will put Fridays sesh in it own blog entry)

Wednesdays Session
It started with a jog/run to the park. We then had to do 20 pushups follwed by a 600m run uphill & back, 20 burpees, 600m run uphill & back, 20 starjumps, 600m run uphill & back. Oncde done we were given a 2min recovery time. Then it was onto more running work. There were 4 witches hats set along at intervals. We had to run 7 times to the furthest (1 was counted as up & back) 7 to next and so on. There were 3 hats to run to. 30 secs recovery & it was time to do 5 of each, then 3. We then ventured to our local school to make use of there netball court. PT had us doing steps up 2 of the hugest steps ever (more like those cement seats) then it was a sprint up & back of the netball court. The numbers we had to do them in were; 15 steps, 1 lap up & back of court, 10 steps, up & back of court, 5 steps then up & back of court. Needless to say the legs ACHED badly afterwards. Back to the gym & it was there that we still had more to do. 100 situps, 25 pushups, 50 situps, 15 pushups, 25 situps, 10 pushups. Finally to finish off the session it was 1 min each of the following: burpees, pushups, standing lunge, starjumps, skis & situps. I thought I would be cheaky in our big situp sets & use a weighted medicine ball (10kg) So that is 175 situps with a 10kg medicine ball!! No wonder I was sore and the abs couldnt even cope when I laughed I ached so bad.

To be continued in the next entry!

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