Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Well I took the plunge.....

Sitting around on a computer isnt going to lose my weight for me now is it! Oh how we wish it would. Maybe one day but right now it isnt happening. In the last 3 weeks I have given up smoking cold turkey and with that came weight gain. I was trying to eat right, I was walking everyday but it wasnt enough. Evert Monday at weigh in the numbers were going in the wrong direction. It wasnt fair!

I had been looking in on this fandago program with Michelle Bridges called the 12 week body transformation. It was one of those ill do it, oh but the cost, nah I cant justify spending that on ME. Then after a long chat with my dear husband I signed up late Sunday night. It was the 23rd May and I had taken a stand to get back some of the ME that I once knew. My time to change has begun!

So I have created this blog which I will check in daily (when time permits with a toddler and studies) so that I can have a record and to anyone else who wants to read along through the highs and lows of my journey. I know it will be tough but if I want to change then this is it. It all starts NOW! no more ill do it tomorrow, no more but it was just one piece. Water will become my best friend and first option over a cold coke (oh how I will miss thee) and an apple over a piece of chocolate. This is a good thing! As Mish would say, JFDI! (Just $%^&ing Do It!)

Here I am at the start of the 12 week challenge that I am so pumped to be starting. I have already been made feel like part of a new little (actually its quite large) family who I am sure will be kicking my butt along with Michelle should I slip up! 12 weeks isnt forever and with any luck this will be a major start to losing weight! Who knows, I may just even get close to my goal weight ;)

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