Thursday, May 27, 2010

Scales tell it like it is!

It all started this morning when I was contemplating with my new twitter friends whether or not to get on the scales when I was confronted with

Scales tell hard facts. Don't get emotional. They r reflection of ur work. If u had to bet on gain,loss,maint, what would u bet?

Michelle was onto me. I am learning you cannot hide anywhere and to me that is a wonderful thing as there will be no slip ups. I immediately went in and jumped on the scales. Hearing the beep of it to tell me it was ready was not only confronting but I was unsure still whether or not to look! I heard Mish’s voice in my head saying ‘JFDI Cath’ So I looked. All that time spent getting myself worked up was quickly resolved when I realised I had lost 400g! 400g gone in 3 days. Why couldn’t I have done this before? What was I doing wrong? I tweeted about my loss and how confused I was since I hadn’t really changed anything. Mish again was there and told me to think about what I would change if I was in TBL house since I would lose weight there. We got it down to possibly portion sizes.
I went through the day with a spring in my step! I had lost weight in 3 days. I can do this. I can become the person I have wanted to become for a long time now but always given up. I worked hard too with exercise! 40 minute power walk to take Tilly to day care, then housework (which we all know burns calories as well) followed by Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred level 1 and finally finished the day with another 40 minute walk to pick Tilly up from day care. I proved to myself yesterday that I am NOT as unfit as I try to make myself out to be. I did 100mins of exercise in one day. I was lucky to be pulling that in one week! I think this journey will teach me a lot about myself that I had been doubting or just making excuses for.
Highlight so far for my day was in reply to my weight loss tweet


I think this 12 Week Body Transformation with Michelle Bridges is going to be one of the best things I can do for not just myself but for my family.

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