Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Well Here are my stats for the last few week

Not great since I quit smoking just after I reached my first goal and it was all downhill from there!

Here hoping that this next step will take me over and above where I want to be.

SW=Start Weight, CW=Current Weight, WLTW=Weight Loss This Week, TWL=Total Weight Loss, WIW?=Weigh In Week ?, GW?=Goal Weight ?, 10%GW=10% of start weight, EGW=Estimated Goal Weight

SW - 74.6kg
CW - 75.6kg
WLTW- 0g
TWL - -1kg
WIW1 - 73.3kg (WL 1.3kg)
WIW2 - 73.6kg (WG 300g)
WIW3 - 73.2kg (WL 400g)
WIW4 - 73.6kg (WG 400g)
WIW5- 74.6kg (WG 1kg)
WIW6 - 75.4kg (WG 800g)
WIW7 - 75.6kg (WG 200g)
GW1 - 73.6kg ACHIEVED 5/04/10
GW2 -73kg
GW3 -72kg
GW4 -70kg
GW5 -68kg
10%GW - 67.1kg
EGW - 65kg Then we will see how we are feeling and go from there

Measurements after 5 weeks

Chest - 90.5cm - 88cm (-2.5cm)
Waist - 76cm - 79cm (+3cm)
Hips - 96.5cm - 97cm (+.5cm)
Thigh - 56cm - 52cm (-4cm)

I am off to bed now and will be back tomorrow to post some more of my journey to this point. I will be changing alot of these figures to reflect where I am now. I like my goals to be with 1 or 2 kg as its nice to see goals coming often and is more rewarding than setting a goal of like 5kg since that will take alot longer to reach.

Will update this tomorrow.

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