Friday, May 28, 2010

Having a bad time of things! Must find something positive!

Well I have a toddler who just wont sleep. She doesnt go to bed at night until 9pm and thats with a fight and then as soon as I head to bed she wakes. Tonight for example, I was in bed by 11pm. She woke at 12 and has been awake every hour since then! I have now been awake with her since 2.30am and im tired. Im exhausted and im trying so hard to avoid the fridge for something to boost me up to stay awake to cope with her.

How do you other mums get through this and still lose weight? Its the lack of sleep behind the reason I gained in the first place. I am not feeling so positive anymore about this at all. Its actually scaring me that I will quite possibly just become run down since I know that sleep forms a major part of weight loss.

I did this cause it was something for me and something that I am already seeing results with and hasnt even started BUT I am feeling the effects of trying to get through each day on less than 3-4hrs sleep overnight. I know its this that put me here but now how do I be strong enough to JDI and more importantly how do I get through the days without my usual binge on sugary snacks just so I last out the day?

I know this is another curve ball that life throws and I am trying VERY hard to find a solution to this problem but unless my toddler starts sleeping properly does this mean I am setting myself up for failure? Any other mums out there done this and came out the other side?

Now at least typing this up has helped me avoid the fridge. I cant believe that in around 3hrs my toddler will be ready to go for the day…..thing is she isn’t even asleep after her 2.30 wake up yet :( Give me strength people to get through this. Feeling pretty down about all this right now *cry*

Cath xoxo

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