Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pre-Season Task 2 is up and it was a shock to the system!

So pre-Season task two went up and it was very confronting to have all those home truths thrown back at me for being excuses! Our task is to put all our excuses down on paper and then how we will go about getting around them! No more I cant or I don’t want to. This is all about doing and not just sitting there as no one can do this for me. I am the only person who can lose my weight. I have to stop throwing blame around as to whose fault it is cause there is always a way to work things back into our favour.

SO here are my excuses with what I plan to do to get around them should they occur.

Not Motivated Enough! (my fave)
How can I be not motivated when I want this. I want to lose weight and sitting on the lounge isn’t going to get that for me is it! I have to just get up and do it. No more excuses, no more just being lazy. Laziness doesn’t burn calories or get me where I want to be in life! I have to just get up, get dressed, put the shoes on and go without thinking about it long enough to talk myself out of it.

I am way too Tired
Not an excuse at all since I could have gone to bed earlier. It is hard when Tilly wont sleep properly at night but it’s how she has been since she was born. It’s not a new thing. I have to deal with it and keep on keeping on. A good night sleep actually aides weight loss so for this to work I am going to have to start heading to bed earlier.
Not fit enough, Not in good shape
How can I say I’m not fit enough when I can pull of days like yesterday where I did 100mins exercise and that isn’t including the house work. It is just a terrible excuse that I have to say good bye to. I showed myself that I am maybe not the fittest person and im not the hottest chick on the block but I can do this and I will succeed.

My Kids will laugh at me working out
What a load of crap! I know I tell myself this on weekends when they are home. I don’t want them to make fun of me. In actual fact they can laugh all they want. Whether they know it or not they will learn from my healthy habits young and hopefully take it through life with them. This is a win win for all. I also can always exercise Monday to Friday while they are at school then go walking on weekends when they are home to avoid this anyhow.

Cant afford to go to the gym or buy the right clothing/shoes/equipment
Walking is free as is using my own cross trainer. I have workout dvds here too that can be used. This is no longer an excuse now that I can see the way to get around it. 

I did enough exercise today to last a few days or I had a loss this week so I can lax a little since its day one of the next week
It doesn’t work that way and I know it. Even though the legs might hurt there is no reason I cant at least get up and go for a walk. JFDI. No thinking just do it. Its all just BS when excuses come into it.

Its all good I can start again tomorrow!
Big NO NO! There is no tomorrow and im kidding myself if I think that way. Not having that tim tam wont kill me, in fact it will make me stronger to resist the next urge. To avoid this I must get rid of the temptations from around me although I have found with hubby smoking his few a day and knowing that are right there, I am a stronger person since I am saying no to something that would be so readily available. I must just simply say NO. Its not that hard and I will feel great once I get to the illusive goal.
I cant believe that all these years I have lived behind these excuses.

I need to start looking at this from a different angle. This is about a life changing choice not just a small decision. Its going to be hard but I can do this and with my new 12WBT family and Michelle Bridges this is going to all become a full reality.



  1. i swear i couldve wrote that

    GOOD FOR YOU!!!! having to write it all out certainly brings it back to home doesnt it


  2. I have another to add which ill do shortly.

    The old, I can start this tomorrow ;)