Thursday, May 27, 2010

I am Learning! Slowly but surely I am learning!

Food intake was so much better yesterday. I got a good tip from Mish that 1200 is the magic number. Yesterday I not only came in 240 cals under the 1200 but I didn’t eat any of the 530ish cals I had burnt through exercise! I was so proud of myself. It didn’t come easy and I even end the night in a begging session with Mish just to let me have just something....anything. I’ll explain a little later in this entry.

Todays food intake was

Breakkie – 1 tub Le Rice Apple and Cinnamon Dairy Dessert – 164 Cals
Snacks – NONE
Lunch – 2 sachet of County Cup Tomato Soup and crutons – 100 Cals
- 2 slices of toast (thin white bread) – 146 Cals
- 2 tsp of nuttlex marg – 62 cals
Snacks – 1 tub ForMe Sticky Date Pudding Yoghurt – 68 Cals
Dinner – Spaghetti Bols Mish style with lots of added veg – 456 Cals
- 1 glass of Coke Zero – 1 Cal
TOTAL – 935 Cals for the day.

-          40 mins Walking 6kph – 203 Cals
-          40 mins Walking 4kph – 142 Cals
-          30 day shred – 190 Cals

Not a bad day at all when you look at it like that. I will however try harder to get to my daily 1200 cal limit since I was left feeling a bit woozy by the end of yesterday and the tummy was churning.
Speaking of food......last night I though hmmm ill have one of those Weight Watchers Sticky Date puddings in the frezer. So I tweeted that I was and the whole subject turned to how many calories in it to which I was surprised to find there are around 180 cals in one little  serving. That quickly went back but not before I was again caught out by Mish

no yr not!! Think about how that kind of mindless eating has made u unhappy in long term! Be empowered say no. Wakeup tom happy!

BUSTED! I asked if a ForMe yoghurt would be ok since it only contained 68 Cals. Surely that would be fine for a snack? Again I was wrong!

love, this is your thing. You eat at night! Time to break the habit! It's 930 game OVER! End of story!! You'll thank me tomoro

Ok ok. I was hungry or so I thought. One more try! How about an apple. Something nice and healthy...she isn’t going to tell me no, she will be happy that I have chosen a healthy option to snack on.....boy oh boy was I wrong!

nope! Enough! Game over babe! Trust me! Tomoro breakfast is yr next meal. It's just habits. U r a night eater no more. Go 2 bed!

That was that. No more snacking for me. She is so right that I am a night time snacker and it goes to show that Michelle is on top of all of us by keeping up with our blogs and reading our introductions! She is so amazing and I am so luck to be able to say at the end of this


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