Friday, May 28, 2010

Matildas lack of sleep isnt a new thing. This has been ongoing since she was born!

Tilly has always been a terrible sleeper. By the time she was 6 weeks she was jsut constantly screaming to which the doctors said she ad reflux. Fair enough so we were given zantac and sent home. She slept so good for about a week and then everything started undoing again. I took her back to the doctors when she was around 2mths old. Nothing wrong I was told, babies cry its what they do. I started thinking I must be over exaggerating all this since yeah its true babies do cry. I saw our early childhood nurse who again told me to take Tilly back to the doctors as something wasnt right. So off I went, back again to a different doctor this time. I was shocked when this time around I was told that it was my fault she cried since she was getting held so much! I walked out and didnt wait to hear anything else she had to say. Now they were blaming me. I knew there was something not right but noone was listening :(

I finally bit the bullet and paid out a fortune to see the doctor here in town (its $65 a visit). She immediatly diagnosed Matilda with a severe middle ear infection and that she had it for a few weeks. WTH I was so angry since she had been to 2 different doctors in that time. I also FINALLY talked this doctor into giving me a referral for a paediatrician. Problem was I couldnt get in until Tilly was around 6mth old and that was 2mths away! The sleep got a little better but again once the ear infection was good she went backwards. The childhood nurse suggested I try goats milk formula. I was ready to do anything. So changed her to goats milk. I even tried visiting a naturopath but nothing worked. In the end the reflux medication wasnt working and neither was the change of formula. I put her back on normal formula and stopped the reflux medication since it was doing nothing anyhow. I decided that would give her body one month to clear anything out ready to see the pead.

For 4 weeks I lived on little sleep but I knew the date was getting closer so worked my way through it all. Day of appointment came and as soon as I walked in the office, described her symptoms to him including the fact I was now having to change her nappy every hour cause she was dirty, he immediately said put her onto soy formula.  I was shocked. Could something as easy as putting her on soy work? I even got a script for Zoton which was to help her reflux.

I saw results instantly. She wasnt screaming all the time and was actually smiling again. Sleep got a little better but not great. The Early childhood nurse recommended that we go to sleep school. So I did that. Was interesting and I learnt alot too! Finally she slept how she should be sleeping. I was getting sleep too….yay!. This all lasted a couple of months then it was back to how she was before.

Everytime she sees me she cries. I can be out of the room and she will be happily playing with her dad or brother/sisters, as soon as I enter the room she comes running over and starts crying.

So no this isnt a new thing. This has been ongoing since the day she was born. She is apparently dairy intolerant and the reason I say apparently is cause she hasnt been officially tested. She can be so good but then come sleep time, nope its just a screaming session. I dont even bother anymore I just get her back up. She didnt even go to bed last night until after 9pm which is a far cry from the 6pm that she was in routine for.
I am tired I am exhausted and I want to do this. How can I do something for me though when I cant even get the basics like sleep right :(

Sorry for the long post but hopefully this helps you understand a little more about what I am trying to cope with. I usually have turned to food to get me through and I am really loving the fact that Mish has my back atm on twitter as do all that I have come to chat with in the @12wbt family. I really do appreciate it. My head is even that stuffed up atm that I was contemplating having hot chocolate with my breakkie for a pick me up sugar boost. Food has been my friend since all this started happening. I stopped when I got on the scales and found I had ballooned to 80.9kg! That was a long way from my normal 60-65kg. I was devastated. I did lose weight and am still surprisingly under that original weight. This keeps up though and I will go back there. I dont want to do that. Its jsut so hard atm and with little help (hubby does 12hr shifts) I am on my own at night with her since he is leaving at 5am and isnt back in the door until after 7pm so he needs sleep. Problem is I do too!

Will think of you all with each silly thought to go to the fridge (although there isnt anything real bad in there. Not even chocolate…lol) Heres hoping it ends soon.

Cath xoxo

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  1. hey hun
    im not sure what to do with Tilly

    but i wanted to give you a big virtual hug MWAH (and kiss :))

    my hubby works on 24/7 call so i know tired and exaughsted as well
    is he able to let you sleep in on weekends? my hubby works weekends to thats just why im asking lol there is no hope for me hehehe

    im glad your not turning to food its the first place i turn when im tired too

    oh wait !!

    i know youve prob tried everything but (im a suppernanny addict and tired this with my youngest when he was about 18 mnths) have you tried just sitting in the room say in the middle of the floor no eye contact just ignoring her? then the next night move closer to the door and so on

    it worked for me but it was HARD!!!