Sunday, January 29, 2012

I may have fell off the wagon but I have the strength within now to get back on!

Well I got my essay done but it took a lot of will power to get there. Now its onto reading books in preparation for a 3 hour exam that I am quietly freaking out about.

Anyhow, onto my busy week and why its been so long since my last blog!

Well first of all we had to get the house in ship shape for an open house that the real estate wanted to do and then I had the essay to write and this was followed by my daughters sweet 16th. Now I am trying to organise things for a house inspection from the owners on Friday next week.....we only got a weeks notice but its not all bad since we have only just had a massive cleanout! WE have even reorganised our loungeroom which now looks so much roomier instead of confined and cluttered!

My eating and exercise has gone downhill this week :( Its sad that all I know can just disappear and I go back to not caring. It has also shown me that no matter how strong I am, I can still go back to old habits in the blink of an eye. At least it wasn't the gourmet gorges I use to indulge in so that is a plus but its still not the best is it. Whilst my main meals have been wonderful (even out at dinner for my daughters birthday I chose a small steak and salad), my snacking has been atrocious and has been my undoing. I had the tiniest slice of cake at my daughters birthday too and was so proud of myself! Even woke up on Australia Day and did a 5km fun run from the jail to the swimming pool. Was great walking with hubby, Tilly, Haydie and my mum. Whats better is I felt wonderful for the rest of the day too!

Now for the bad.... during the past 3 days, I have eaten more cake, maxibons and even chocolate! ARGH! Feeling a tad crappy today though cause of it all. I dont know how I use to live like this everyday! No wonder I was tired all the time. It was from the overload of unhealthy food in my body!

So today this is it. There is no 'oh ill start tomorrow since thats the new week".


I have just devoured an amazingly healthy bowl of muesli and am contemplating making up the other 150 calories with maybe a slice of toast or a yoghurt. I am just lucky that I have gotten stronger over the past 18+ months with Michelle and am able to pick up on these bad habits now before they turn into the norm way of life.

So there it is. I fell off the wagon. Even the strong have it happen!

The thing I have learnt though, is that you can prove your strength by getting back on quicker than you fell off. If you think you cant do it, THINK AGAIN! You can and you will. You cant play roulette with your life everyday.

In saying all the above, I had planned in advance to lax out on my daughters birthday which just so happens to also be Australia Day :) The thing is......I didnt have to lax out. It just all came naturally. Even the slice of mudcake that day was a small one. It was the mentality that came after that which I wasnt prepared for!

I am now bracing myself for possibly the first gain on the scales in well over 4 months. It is Sunday though and there is still time to turn things around.

Now to get everything organised and a plan laid out so that exercise is fit in with reading and keeping the house up to speed for the owners!

Have an amazing week everyone and remember.....falling off the wagon is takes strength to admit you are wrong and get back on :)


Cath xoxo


  1. Hi!
    I began my first blog ever yesterday, "Lose it for good." I have been searching online today and stumbled upon your blog, looks like we have the same idea. Looking forward to "following" you for inspiration!! I love some of these motivational pics you have posted, is it ok if I copy a few of them for my blog?
    (I think I posted this on a much older post so I moved it here. :)


    1. Hi Susan,

      Feel free on the motivational pics. I get most of mine from PInterest :)

      Good luck on your journey. Its been a long one for me, but I am getting there.

      Cath xoxo