Saturday, January 21, 2012

Excuses? They are everywhere!

Today has been one of arguing with my little inner voice but this time its not for food surprisingly! Its to do with getting my essay done but the problem is I cant even begin to understand the book I am suppose to read and write 1500 words on so how can I move on and past the roadblock?

I think the problem is just like weight loss. If you think it seems to hard, then chances are your mind will convince you that it is too hard and you will continue on throwing things in the hard basket. This has always been my problem. This is also a time I would turn to chocolate, cake, cookies....absolutely anything that was jam packed with sugar and fat. I didnt care cause it is what I 'thought' helped me move past being in a hard place when all seems impossible. Now I am here with no vices such as chocolate to turn too and yes, I am finding it hard!

Losing weight is a tough task to take on, couple that with the continuing daily drills of life and it can seem like an uphill battle.....

But it doesnt have to be!

I started to slump into the whole, "its too hard", "I cant possibly do this", "where am I going to find the time?" and then I realised that once again my little inner voice is trying to convince me that these #EXCUSES are real in a hope that I will believe them.


Its time for me to step back up to the plate and take charge once again. I have been so good since Christmas and am still actually being great but I know it only takes one slip up into the trolley and its all over! Even just 15 minutes ago, I had to go to the shop to purchase a jar of Golden Honey Mustard Lite Chicken tonight and some stir fry veggies. That was it....that was all I #needed I really wanted some chocolate so instead I put in a big piece of watermelon and some of the Soleil cheesecake yoghurt type things. It is great to get the bill and its only $12 instead of the usual $40 and having the majority of it be junk!

Mick is definitely keeping me on track this time! Without him I think I would have slumped but instead, we are out walking everyday and burning almost 1000 calories each time! He alone on Wednesday did a 1600 calorie burn session in the morning followed by another 870 in the evening. He really is inspiring me to get off my butt and just move! It is so nice to walk through the forest with him and even nicer when we have Tilly in her pram and our 12 year old son on his bike. It would be better if my 17 and 15 year old daughters came but I think I would be pushing it to even think that would How much more picture perfect can you get when out walking in Australian bushland. Below are some pics from my walk yesterday with hubby!.

If you look closely there is a lizard in this pic. He wasnt a small one either. He is in between the broken tree branch and the tree with the thicker trunk. Almost trod on his tail and certainly got the heart rate up a lot!

 This is mine and hubbies new stomping grounds! We managed two laps yesterday so will keep improving on that. It is so serene out there! You wouldn't even know you were close to a town its that quiet.

In amongst the trees in this pic there were like 5 kangaroos and a couple of wallabies. Going to head out earlier next time to see how many more we can see. I think they are getting to know us since they dont just jump away now when we are walking past. they just stare at us as if to say "omg check out the weirdos walking in the heat!".

I will end here but I just want to let you all know that weight loss is an ongoing battle. It is not something that just happens and then you can forget about it. Sure we start to make choices that are healthy without even thinking but that little voice can also turn evil in the blink of an eye!

Good luck and always think to yourself.....


Cath xoxo

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  1. Wow you really write an inspirational blog. I love the place you walk. It looks really pretty. Keep up the good work. You are amazing:)