Tuesday, January 17, 2012

JFDI is more than four words strung together!

So its day two of pre-season and the forums are steadily getting busier and filling with new members as well as returning members. Its this time each round where I reflect on when I was a newbie. I was the one who was bright eyed and eager to learn everything Michelle had to teach me. It was so exciting!

It is hard to remember back to what it was like but it is nice to get caught up in the air of emotion that comes with pre-season kick off for the 12WBT program. It is a kick up the bum for some who have forgotten their way and for others, its just another day at the office so to speak.

As I have said a few time these past few days, I am back for my SIXTH consecutive round of 12WBT. Some might think that I am an addict or even a stalker (hell no!). I see it as a place of learning. It is where I learn each and every day how to be a better person.....inside and out. You see healthy also means happy albeit some days I am so tired I could easily say to hell with the #JFDI motto that has been linked to the program. Then I think that its this motto that gets us moving since I remember Mish telling us back in my first round that motivation is like a bad boyfriend that you keep waiting to turn up and never does. You see motivation is nothing compared to consistency and you cant get consistency without using the JFDI card.

I have grown slack over this off season. Let me explain....you see I was out the door at 5am every single morning before the finale. Then I got ill and was stuck in bed. Slowly but surely that consistency of getting up and into robot mode slithered away and before I knew it, excuses were slowly creeping back in again.

I am lucky this time round as I have my hubby aka Mick beside me in all my workouts. Even yesterday I tried to use an excuse of snakes out in the forest to which he just told me to JFDI......yep that seems to be the lingo of the day as it is what I hear several times through out 24 hours. Even my uni work needs to have the JFDI card pulled sometimes and even when I have to do washing or cleaning.

4 little words that on there own mean little but out them together and you have a very powerful mind setting sentence! JFDI!! Just Freaking Do It.

Even this blog this evening was done utilising the JFDI card! It works with everything not just exercise or eating healthy.

Today was a big one for me with it though.....we were in McDonalds (oh dare I say it!) and I ordered a seared chicken garden salad with no dressing. I was told it would be a 10 minute wait unless I wanted crispy chicken.....it was hard cause I hate waiting but you know what....I flexed my little willpower muscle (which is getting stronger these days) and said.......


And wait I did. When we got home, I again pulled out that famous card and headed for a walk with my toddler in her pram, hubby and also my 12 year old son and went into the forest! I did plan on a double lap but when we got there, my ankle decided to go one way and my foot another. It isnt feeling too bad now but I did perservere with it and manage one lap around. It was gorgeous! We saw lizards to which my toddler was trying to think of a pokemon that looked the same so she could give it a name (was very cute!) and we also saw a wallaby. Its so nice to live in the country and get to see those things. I have lived here for almost 4 years and never once been through there till yesterday! Sad that we have this gorgeous forest walk and I have never walked it! So glad I have now! Not to mention the 1022 calories I burnt along the way! Pushing an 18kg toddler in a pram must be good for the workout ;)

Anyhow, I am pulling my JFDI card once again and going to sit with the hubby who is casually playing the PS3 atm so might join him with a nice hot cup of green tea.

Weigh in day tomorrow and guess what.......

IM EXCITED!!! (cant believe I am saying that!)

So to everyone who is reading.....JFDI is more than just four words.....it can become a way of life ;)

Cath xoxo


  1. Fantastic blog post Cath!! Looking forward to seeing you smash it up more again this round!! CHAMPION!
    xx Ange

    1. Thank you Ange! It is people like you that keep me inspired everyday xoxo

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