Saturday, January 7, 2012

So I took Control Today

So a continuation on from this mornings blog.....I posted this also in the new Huggies forums but figure it should be here to as it was blog worthy!

So this morning I woke up and after a mini meltdown, I sent the inner teenager to her bedroom and pulled one of the biggest JFDI cards EVER!

In 2 hours 2 minutes and 44 seconds, I had finally finished my super Saturday session. It took a lot to get through and even at times I just wanted to stop but you know what......I didnt. I started my workout with a goal in mind and that was I would not stop till my HRM ticked over at least 1000 calories today. The other thing was it had to be exercise. Not washing the car or mowing the lawn. Real workout stuff!

I sat for a while procrastinating wondering what I could do and then BAM! it hit me. I have DVDS. I have workout equipment....what more could I possibly need. I have the tools from Michelle from previous rounds. I can do this. I just needed to convince myself that I could.

I started the workout with some Jillian Michaels who kicked my butt totally during the 20 or so minutes that 30 day shred goes for. I was well short though of my 1000 calories. I had managed 296 cals so what next.....


Step up to the plate Michelle Bridges and her Cardio Kicker DVD. One word for that....just WOW! I really enjoyed it and got through the WHOLE DVD. Checked the HRM but I was still short of my 1000 calorie burn. 807 calories gone so far....I needed more....

You know what I did.....I thought I would kick my own butt for the finish.....

So I fought all the inner voices and demons and got on the crosstrainer. My aim was to get that HRM past the 1000 calories....I managed to get there but then thought, nah ill go for the 10km instead! and you know what.....


With Jillian, Michelle and then the final burst on the cross trainer, I managed to burn off a grand total of 1157 calories. Ah I feel fabulous now! I am really happy with myself that I fought the hard war and won out. Usually I would have stopped after Jillian so to go on and do the full workout with Michelle and then to further it with 10km on the cross trainer was nothing short of amazing.

I hope you have all gone out there and done something. The program may not have officially started yet but why wait? Why wait for tomorrow when you can begin today?

Cath xoox


  1. OMG that's inspirational - sounds so much harder than a long run. Well done - you deserve to feel absolutely fantastic:)

  2. Ahh you make me so motivated for attempting this next weekend :)

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  4. You go girl!!! That's awesome! Good work!