Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goodbye 2011 Hello 2012

So I have taken some time away from the blogging world as well as relaxed myself over the last 2 weeks. For me, weightloss is about balance and without it I fail. This time I wanted to forget the extremes and just go with what I felt was the norm over the Christmas break. I didnt go crazy and just pig out but I did eat plenty of foods that would normally have been taboo on my shopping list. Really, it wasnt all that hard since I had the mindset of where I wanted to be. I had a goal over Christmas to finish with the first weigh in of the new year (which is tomorrow), at either my final weigh in 12WBT weight or lower. I figure balance also means that I need to have goals in place ready to counter what may have turned into a massive snowball of bad food (which I am learning isnt all bad in moderation) and too much alcohol.

Christmas this year was made that little bit easier since my mum has decided to get back on the healthy wagon too. We both made sure that there were plenty of healthy options at Christmas lunch including a sweet potato bake with all light ingredients instead of the usual fat filled full version of potato bake. It was nice finishing lunch and not feeling bloated. I even passed on the dessert which was trifle although later in the evening I splurged and had a piece of pavlova. My alcohol intake was limited since I just didnt feel like drinking really. I had my own Vodka and Lime with a sugar free lemonade so was making my own pretty weak but just enough to feel like I was drinking with the rest of the family. It also felt wonderful waking up boxing day and not have the usual bloated feeling and hangover for a change. Not to mention having the energy to get through the day after Christmas.

With Christmas over and the new weeks started, it was off to Canberra to see my little sister Sam who I havent seen for well over six months. Even whilst away for the day, I still chose what I figured was healthy although I knew the portion sizes were no where near acceptable. I mean a 500g steak! EEK that is half a cow isnt it. I had to giggle as I thought about that one piece feeding almost 5 people. It is funny how our thought process just changes. Just like that.

Fast forward to New Years Eve and I awoke feeling a tad under the weather. I thought that maybe I was just a little tired since I hadnt stopped really since Christmas Eve. I have been on my feet the whole time pretty much and heading to bed late with early morning starts. It was all catching up and I was wearing down. I tried to be preppy and happy throughout the day since I had my other sister coming over to spend new years with us as well as wanted to take the family down to the street party our little town was having. At around 5pm I thought I would try having a home made vodka, lemon and lime just to see how it would go. Surprisingly it went down well but not that well. I figure I may as well make the most of the evening and enjoy it. So I placed a smile on my dial and off we went.

New Years day saw me awake with a major case of a sore throat. I couldnt swallow and it hurt to talk. I wondered how could someone like me who was healthy could get ill. Then I thought back to the last time I even spent the day relaxing at home......the day before Christmas Eve and even then it was spent travelling backwards and forwards to Wagga. I felt totally exhausted. I didnt want to get out of bed. So much for my new year plan to start on the 1st January!

On the 31st December 2011, my amazing hubby came home with some amazing things! Oh I love this guy so much. He is planning on going side by side with me this time although he is working on muscle while I am still working on the weight loss and toning. With the equipment we now have here at home we no longer need to complain about not having a gym since we can do this ourselves. We really have left ourselves no more excuses.

So where does my mindset lay for this year. To be honest, I am ready to go. I am making the right choices without thinking about it and I have the added support of my hubby too this time! It will be nice not to be working out alone as well as having that special someone right there all the time. I know that he will help push me further than I would normally push myself. He has already set up the challenge.....hehe. I think this year is going to be filled with lots of fun, loads of healthy food, tonnes of sweat and possibly a lot of tears. Tears of happiness of course. This is the year that I will never look back and say oh how I wish. This is the year that I look forward and I just do!

Afterall, even though this will be round 6 of 12WBT for me, this is the first ever that I will have my partner in life right there with me every step of the way. I think that this is setting up to be an extra special round.

Watch this space......

Cath xoxo


  1. Wow that's a fantastic blog - so inspiring. You will do so well and you're right, if your partner supports you it makes all the difference. Best of luck in 2012. xx