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Why do I keep clicking the sign up button?

So here I sit with my 6th round of 12WBT about to start. Yes you read correctly, my 6th round. So why do I keep coming back? Its not like I have continually lost weight throughout those previous 5 rounds. Infact, 3 of those rounds I donated my money (to a good cause of course), and gained 15kg! So what is going on? Why am I still signed up?

Because halfway during my last round which was my 5th, I am proud to say that I finally got it! I finally got the whole food/exercise thing. I finally got that Mish isnt just a hard arse and that yes this woman really does know her stuff. Most of all, I finally felt like I was in a good place.

So why did it take so long to get there? Why am I the first to promote 12WBT when it took me so long to get in the mindset? you know why......because the program works. Its people such as myself who find it harder to just get in and get it right the first time. To be honest, my first round ever was ok. It was not fabulous or trailblazing but I lost weight. A whole 7kg and was within 5kg of my goal weight. So here it is.

This is my story of my lengthy but memorable 12WBT journey.

I read back on my first ever post in the 12WBT forums (yes I have it saved on my computer), and I have tears as I see how far I have come since that day. I was in such a dark place and dealing with a non sleeping bubba wasnt helping. I was lost. I had been following Michelles brand new 12WBT page as it was currently finishing off its first ever round. The stories I was reading from people on there had me thinking that this program was for me. It was time to find who Cath was. So I clicked the little SIGN UP button. I am so glad I did now but I can tell you back then it was a struggle. It was difficult cause even though I was sad and depressed, I was also struggling with the thought of having to fit in exercise and healthy cooking as well as be a mum to 4 children, one of which was a baby and a wife to an amazing man who was working 12 hour shifts. I sat there night after night and watched the little video that was up there to promote the program. I nodded everytime Michelle would say "how would you like me to be your personal trainer!" I mean Michelle trainer.....just WOW! 2 weeks later I was in. Button was pushed and I started to make some amazing new friends on the forums. It was filled with chit chat of other woman, (oh and how could I forget Albert and CaptOz), who all wanted the same thing. to lose weight and be happy with themselves. So many people all with the one dream. So many amazing superstars as I now call them, who are at there goal weights and living out their dreams but thats not what this blog is about :)

So my first 12 weeks was filled with highs and lows. Many lows in fact but I still remember the highs too. The feeling of finishing my first gym session, the feeling that I had given up cigarettes cold turkey, the feeling of beating my 1km time trial, the feeling that I was able to keep up with the gym group as I got fitter. The best part though, I was eating healthy and I was losing weight. Tilly loved her walks in the pram and it also helped to soothe her so that meant time out from the crying. I finished up my 12 weeks being a 6 day a week workout person. I would gym 3 days a week and walk with Tilly the other 3 days. My family was so supportive and caring through that time and I went from feeling lost to feeling just a little important. After you start this journey, I dont think you ever forget that first meeting with Michelle and not to mention that all important PHOTO!

 Yep I was starstruck! Here was a woman standing in the same room talking to me and making me feel important! It worked cause when I came home from the Sydney finale, I put in my application for uni. I stopped thinking I cant and started thinking that I can. Maybes turned to definites and no turned into yes.

Then slowly but surely things went pear shaped. I signed up for my 2nd round (round 3 2010), and it was downhill for me personally. My PT left for a holiday and the gym didnt replace him. The girls stopped going to the gym and before I knew it, it was just me left. So I too stopped going. My 6 days a week at the gym turned into 4 then 2 and then eventually I wasnt going at all. I was still eating ok however so weight didnt gain rapidly. I cruised through that round, didnt really lose or gain weight but I wasnt happy since I only had 5kg to go to get to my goal....WTH was I doing!

Welcome Round 1 2011 and my 3rd round. Ummm yep maybe we should skip that one and the next one since I did nothing. I dont think I even watched a live feed video. I did the occasional forum post and really just let it all slide. Uni study was hectic and I didnt have time (or so I thought), to cook healthy food or go workout. I did a blog post not to long ago about the price of eating out. I mean heck at uni I can get a bucket of chips and a coke for $5. If I want a healthy wrap and a water, well I am looking at around almost $10! Thats double the unhealthy option. I could have always spent the time packing my lunch but nope, eating out was faster. Yes it was faster but as you will see in the next part, it was a really bad choice but it was also a really good wake up call!

So lets skip through to Round 3 2011 with a Huggies twist. This was Michelle and the 12WBT crews new project. This program was the same type of 12WBT I had known and loved but it was geared towards mums with bubs, pregnant mums, breastfeeding mums or ever those thinking of having a bambino. I thought, yep, I am going to give this a good go. I am going to be honest to myself this round and I have so many other mums who know only too well how it feels when bubs is ill and wont leave you alone. I put in 110% and the results show. I during the program I lost close to 7kg. Most of which was done in the second half of the program when everything clicked into place. I am still losing weight now even during off season as I am subconsciously making the right choices without even thinking now! Best of all I was crowned the Huggies Inspirational Blogger AND came in the top 20 overall transformations!. I also was able to get a new pic with Michelle although I felt a little overwhelmed since I was 8kg heavier than when I saw her last but you know what......I realised that it shouldnt matter cause the most important thing had occurred.......I GOT IT!

As a mum, sometimes you cant just JFDI as much as you would like too. There are other people in our lives that we need to look after as well and all the people on this part of the program understood. I have made some amazing new friends during this most recent round and more so, they also helped me get to the Sydney finale. It was like they knew something I didnt!. I know a lot of them are not coming back as they did so well last round, they are at goal and ready to tackle the world on their own.

For me, Huggies 12WBT helped me turn on that weight loss light. I think reading about other mums who were getting out there and really just doing it was inspiring to me. Then seeing them all jump on board the #crackofarse sessions that Amelia runs was just amazing. I mean heck, if they can do it I can too right? It all just went from there. Kind of like a snowball effect but in a good way :) I also turned to my blog and the forums to post about my journey. It didnt phase me  if people read it or not as it was my way to get it all out there instead of bottling it up inside.

So here we are at the current day and I sit here all ready and signed up to my 6th 12WBT. I am once again on board with the Huggies crew as I just think that is home now. It also doesnt have the hustle and bustle of the main forums but I know that will change with time as the program becomes more popular and widely known about. For now though, I am happy with where I am today and where I am going tomorrow. For once it is all laid out and planned although I could be better with exercise so have to get that happening again.

Pre-season starts in just 2 days and I honestly cant wait. The forums are already buzzing with new people as well as those returning for another round and it really is exciting! I honestly think that if you are a mum or wanting to become a mum, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you signing up for the Michelle Bridges 12WBT HUGGIES round. It is what it took for me to finally get it as well as understand what it means to be important as well.

So what have you got to lose? Oh yeah just all that excess baggage that holds you back each and every day. I guess what I wanted to say was, no matter how much you tell yourself you cant, if you really want it then you can. Only you can take this journey. This is something that no other person but yourself can do but you and yes you may be the sort of person who gets it from the start but know that it is ok if it takes you a bit longer to get there. Just do yourself a favour......dont EVER give up on yourself :) You can get there if you just try! Clicking this link is your first step to a better, more exciting, more fun YOU!

Just some Vids to change your mind even more :)

And the Huggies Vid made up by Lizzy who was a member of round 3 2011

Cath xoxo

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