Friday, February 17, 2012

Complacency can creep up on a person before they know it!

Well its been a long time between blog posts but not without good reason......or is that without a good excuse ;)

Over the past two weeks, I have had a uni exam to which I have no idea how I went.....I got through our house inspection with the owners and finally I have been busy printing out and organising myself for the uni semester ahead which at this time seems to be taking up all my time!

So how have I been going these last two weeks.....well I havent gained any weight so thats a good thing right! My diet has been nice and clean apart from the still occasional slip up but the exercise has waned......


Hubby has been trying his hardest to get me up and motivated but I think I have slipped into the mentality that if I eat healthy, the weight is coming off anyway!


I need to get back to the whole get up, get out and JFDI!! I mean if hubby can come home from a 12 hour shift and push himself for 30+ minutes on the cross trainer, then what is my problem? Why am I sitting there on the lounge watching tele whilst he is out walking laps of the forest?

Admittedly I got up Wednesday morning and I honestly had no intention of walking the 15km for our wedding anniversary......but you know what, I over come that inner voice and I DID IT!! 15km in just under 3 hours and a total calorie burn of 2113 calories!! I was stoked. All day Wednesday I was like, you know what, I can do this. 1 hour a day....that is it, thats all I need.

I said I would have a rest day yesterday after the mammoth workout on Wednesday which I did. Here I sit though, Friday and its almost midday....still have done NOTHING! I am heading to the gym tonight with hubby who has his first session with the gym to learn to be a PT so I might just head off with him. See if being in the gym is inspiring enough a place to be in to get back the JFDI mojo that seems to have gone wandering.

Its tough being in this place. Know that only a few short week ago you were so motivated and then hitting a slump. I know that the food is spot on, I have to keep it that way so thats a good thing right.......

Well if only I could be as vigilant with my exercise. Even setting the alarm for 4.45am as I use to do isnt working this time. I just get up turn it off and go back to bed.

I will report back this evening with hopefully good news! Perhaps I need to feed of hubbies drive and energy for a while. I know I helped him to get to the place he is in now.....maybe its time to get the favour back!

Until later this evening,.......


Cath xoxo

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