Sunday, December 18, 2011

So another round ends but a new begining awaits

Well after the slow start I had, 5.9kgs since official weigh in have gone and they are not ever coming back. I am looking at others stats and thinking why have I done so bad? Then I shut up the little voice and remind myself this is not a competition and each persons journey is different. NO COMPARING! My journey has been a long one but I can finally say that I am on my way and not stuck at the station anymore.

I started off my exercise with the Lake to Lagoon fun run in Wagga (9.4km in 1hr 30 minutes) right before kick off of this round. I think this helped me on my trek to find myself and my mindset. My walking each week goal I smashed during November when a lovely 12WBTer set a challenge to walk 100km during the month. I cam it just under since I was ill at around 97km but it certainly was a lot further than what I had set myself to walk each week. I finish this 12 week having walked/ran a total of 279.1km!!! WOW! Now to reset it once the new 12WBT starts. I have certainly set the bar high for next time huh!

With all the walking/running, the cross trainer has been a bit of a dust collector other than cold wet mornings. It is still nice to know it is there though.!

Even the younger children got in on the action! Those weights that Tilly has each weigh 4kg!

My biggest most ultimate achievement though I think I did get to this round. My mindset is finally in a good place. Blogging has certainly helped that and to also come in the top 20 overall was a massive boost for self confidence too. What I have learnt and realised this round will help me get in a get to goal weight sooner rather than later. I plan to keep blogging since that keeps me honest and also helps me get my thoughts in place when everything seems all mumbo jumbo and making no sense.

I have also learnt......

And am happy if this check list is completed each day with ticks in each box.....

This is very different points of view to the Cath that started this program......I realise now that my very first round I pushed myself too hard too fast. It was great for the weight loss but bad for the mindset. I know that now. I also know that I can be inspiring to others and that is not a bad thing nor is it a constant burden. It is actually an honour to know that there are people out there losing weight cause they think if you can do it then they have no excuses left. Mwah to all of you! It is you lovely people that help me on those hard days.

The Huggies crew are amazing and it will be sad should they choose not to run this again. Either way though, I will be back to conquer my 6th round and my very first back to back round....sounds funny thinking of 6 rounds but only really participating in 2.....soon to be 3 though! I hope to be at goal weight by the end of next round though! Means no silly season for me so I can continue on my weightloss journey throughout the holidays. Next time may be a bit harder than this one as uni is back so will need to be fully prepared and ready to face that.You know what though.....this weight loss thing.....

I think  KNOW I can do it!!

Thank you to Michelle, Amelia, Billy, Tim, Nina, Dane, Chelsea, Amiee and the 12WBT crew. You guys are just amazing in what you do for people. To Michelle, it was nice to be able to hold my head high when I saw you on Saturday and stand proudly beside you. Thank you xoxo

I think to sum up the journey, nothing says it better than a video journal made by the fabulous Lizzy who has spent her weekend gathering photos to make sure that the Huggies Crew werent left to feel like the 'poor cousins'. It really is a great vid!

Again, thank you to EVERYONE who has helped me make this a successful round. Mwah! this Blog will continue. It keeps me honest and in control and if it helps even just one other person jump on board the weight loss train then it has served its purpose :)

I guess I should add in my transformation pic too huh. It is still a work in progress!

Cath xoxo

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