Sunday, August 8, 2010

Week 7 & time to reflect a little

Well it had to happen sometime didnt it. After being so well all winter I woke yesterday with a bit of a sore throat which now is dry, sore & my nose is blocky too :( My poor little bubba is sick as well. Took her to the doctors on Friday to find out that she has a middle ear infection.....IN BOTH EARS! Needless to say she is now on 5mls of amoxil for the ears, 3.5mls of dymadon for the temp & 2.5mls of Dimetapp DM for the runny nose/cough. She was so sick last night that she threw up everywhere after coughing so much. Breaks my heart seeing her like this. My son has just gone back to school after being off for almost 2 weeks ill as well. So it was just a ticking time bomb I guess that I would get it sooner rather than later! Even my hubby has trekked off to work today ill.

So that brings me to my blog today! Its time to sit back & reflect on what I have achieved over this time on Michelles program. I have had a few down days but they are so normal in any journey that happens. Nothing can be perfect can it? Writing it all down seems the best way to keep me focused especially now I am not well, so that I can keep on the path for a good weigh in this week! Its a big one again with measurements, weight & fitness so want it to be spot on!

Signing up to Michelles 12 week body transformation program is one of the best things I have decided to do for myself. Not only am I eating healthier now but my whole family is eating healthier. They still have there chocolate etc but it is now a treat & not something that is pigged out on in one sitting anymore. Heck a block of chocolate now lasts us almost a week in this house (unless my eldest chocoholic daughter finds We are drinking alot less softdrink. 1 small glass with dinner is all that we have if any. Big improvement on a 2lt bottle in a day! Hot chocolate drinks are now the Jarrah kind (with no extra sugar added) instead of several scoops of milo topped off with the cup filled with marshmallows. Food wise my whole family has changed although the kids are stillg etting use to all these different sorts of vegies since we were the regular chops, mashed potatom peas & beans family....haha. Now its fat trimmed off whatever meat we are having, sweet potato, zucchini, eggplant, capsicum etc. Very different household now and our cupboards/fridge/freezer reflect that change!

As for fitness, well I shocked myself when I got onto the treadmill on Thursday night BEFORE gym class to warm up! I decided to go 15 mins or 2km (whichever came first!) So on goes the machine up to 8km.....too easy...lets go up to 9, nope push it out before I knew it I had the treadmill on 10 with incline of 3 & I was doing it. I was running easily! Normally I sit the treadmill on 7 & just fast walk since always been scared to run on one of those but after Thursdays effort I loved it!! I looked down to find that in just 11 mins I had already killed off the 2km I had planned. So off with the machine & I did some stretches before the gruelling session during circuit class with the PT. Class was a little tougher than normal but I was expecting that! Stocked to see cals burnt though for the 1hr 15mins was over 1200!! Was starting to feel the effects of getting sick on Friday so didnt test it out again but will once I get better!

I would NEVER in my wildest dreams 11 weeks ago have thought that I could come this far. I had tried to lose weight on my own with no help, no programs & just by using what I knew from internet searching since October last year. Although I didnt do too bad overall I never stayed on the wagon when there were weeks the weight wouldnt budge. I just gave up! Doing Michelles program though I always have her little voice in the back of my head getting me going, making me feel guilty if I make a wrong decision & best of all supporting me in my journey!

Since October last year I have lost

Weightloss: - 8.7kg (3.6kg since I signed up on Michelles program)
Chest: - 10cm
Waist - 10cm
Hips - 13cm
Thigh (R) - 6.5cm
Calf - 2.5cm
BMI - Is now down to 25.74 after being up close to almost 30!!

Total  - 42cm GONE FOREVER! With more to lose still.

Michelle has changed my life so much. I know try to find postives in a bad situation. Like today, I made a promise I would do some sort of exercise but since I am ill and after chatting with a few of the lovely people that are also on this journey with 12WBT, it is best for me to rest & get well quicker, than it is to push myself and be out of action longer. So I will take there advice and make sure that I eat VERY clean so that no exercise wont hurt on the scales too much come Wednesday. I was hoping for a big loss but I think I will be happy with anything. If there is a gain then I will come back to look at this blog entry so that I can see the results in black & white and that I have come a long way to the person I was almost 12mths ago!

Forgot to add the best part EVER! I am now back into a size 12 ;) It has been over 3yrs since I was in those size clothes that I had forgotten how nice it was to shop for regular clothes! It was nice to be able to go out in real clothes wearing real shoes. Instead of trackie dacks & joggers!

So to end this blog I have just one thing to say

Thank you to Michelle & you 12 week body transformation program! It is wonderful to finally see a program out there that is NOT a diet, but a change of the way we do things in life. A healthier change to doing things I might add.

MWAH! xoxo

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  1. Go Cath! Amazing amount of cm lost so far. Glad to hear you are going to be taking care of yourself-you will be up and about in no time I am sure. Great to read all the changes that have happened for you and your family so far!!