Sunday, August 15, 2010

Week 8 weigh in & Measure up!

SW: 74.4kg
CW: 71.3kg
WLTW: 500g

WIW1: 73.8kg
WIW2: 73.7kg
WIW3: 73.3kg
WIW4: 72.8kg
WIW5: 72.2kg
WIW6: 72.0kg
WIW7: 71.8kg

GW1 - 73.4kg ACHIEVED 08/07/10
GW2 - 72.5kg ACHIEVED 21/07/10

GW3 - 71.5kg ACHIEVED 11/08/10
GW4 - 70kg
GW5 - 68kg
10%GW - 67kg
EGW - 65kg

Chest: W1: 88cm Wk4: 87cm NOW: 85cm (-3cm)
Waist: W1: 88cm Wk4: 85cm NOW: 80cm (-8cm)
Hips: W1: 95.5cm Wk4: 95cm NOW:92cm (-3.5cm)
Thigh measurement distance from knee: 33cm
(R) Thigh: W1: 57 Wk4: 54cm NOW: 53 (-4cm)
(L) Thigh: W1: 58 Wk4: 54.5cm NOW: 54cm (-4cm)

BMI is also down to 25.57 & I have lost 4.2% of my weight so far ;)

Only 4 weeks to go but I have already decided I am signing up for round 3 which starts in a couple of weeks!

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