Thursday, August 19, 2010

NO! Not now please!

Well had an amazing sesh last night at gym! There was only 4 of us so the PT pushed us hard & I pushed myself harder since I just havent been feeling it anymore after gym. Was a high cardio sesh last night too!!
He had us start night with jog round the block followed by 4 lots of 2 mins step then 30 star jumps! Went on to some more running (sprints) over diff distances then back to the gym. At gym we did boxing but with a difference!......he had us doing all our boxing moves whilst holding 2kg weights!! Did 4 lots of situp sets (30 situps/10 oblique crunches each side) then 1min lat holds (no wonder I am losing cms off my waist…lol) He then told us to to do 1/10s with mountain skis! (for those that dont know what these are you do 1 mountain ski, then 10 sprints, 2 moutain skis 9 sprints etc. basically one exercise then runs!) Finally to finish the sesh he took us outside & had us run around the middle island on the road for 12 mins non stop! 1 lap would have been about 400ish meters I think. We had to get at least 10 done in the time with sprints up & down the hill while the ends used for recovery… was this that caused my pain. On the first lap I felt instant pain in my upper leg but passed it off as a cramp. By the 5th lap I was near in tears with pain but knew I had to keep going! I am a 12WBTer & we dont give up easily! Also the voice of Michelle in the back of my head telling me to suck it up princess helped me with my decision to not stop! On my last lap the PT decided to push me hard & ran with me so I too pushed myself. By the time I left the gym I was limping. I must add though I did burn a whopping 1153 cals in the 1hr session!!!

I havent had much sleep all night cause of the pain & hubby feels that I have done a hamstring damage. He has made me promise that I will do no exercise other than a walk to the shop if needed & that I will keep ice on it through the day.

Why does this happen now when I was looking so positive at everything? Now It is possible I could be set back with my exercise :( I guess it will help keep me honest with my food intake though. Gym tomorrow night but will get PT to organise something a little different for me so hopefully that is possible!

Exercise & keep it clean everyone!

Cath xoxo

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