Sunday, August 29, 2010

Week 10 summary!

Well what a rollercoaster of a week. I registered my first gain (500g) even though I thought I had been so good with food, I have found that I have possibly done a damage to my groin muscle & it hurts badly then to top it off my poor little baby girl got herself an ear infection so bad that I think her eardrum may have ruptured. It at least explains the no sleep for 2 nights leading up to that though.

During those 2 nights was terrible. The first night I was so strong & kept so clean with food. The second day was terrible. I missed breakkie, managed to have some baked beans on toast for lunch, skipped snacks then at least had a decent dinner of steak & steamed veg. It was later in the night things went down hill. I found myself snacking on chocolate & also drinking coke. What the hell was I doing!! I was reverting back to old ways & habits which got me into this predicament in the first place. I had always snacked on sugary foods/drinks to keep up the energy that came when you go countless hours with no sleep. Now I am doing it again!! I am so glad that by Saturday night the anitb's had kicked in as well as the nurofen & panadol for the pain. Finally she was sleeping & slept through till 9.30!! I did the same! The sleep was amazing & refreshed me enough to rethink my commitment!

So I have 2 weeks of round 2 left! I have to do some pretty kickass stuff to get me in shape to make my goal that I set for this 12 weeks. I have also had a pretty rough time with sick kidlets the last couple of weeks too but again that is all jsut excuses!! Tiredness makes us do some stupid things sometimes so to combat that I have thought ahead & now have yoghurt's & le rice in the fridge that I have noted for myself to grab instead of the chocolate & bikkies!

I am also going back to basics. I had slackened off using Calorie King but have now gone back to it since I want to track exactly what I am eating! I have also found myself resting on the days when there is no gym class since I have got in the mindset that burning 1000 cals per class is enough for 2 days! BAD BAD BAD! It isnt good enough & I must go back to 1 rest day. I may have hurt my groin muscle BUT it doesnt stop me from exercising. I have amazing support from my hubby & my kids with this so I should start listening to them. Noone judges me more than my 11 year old son who even takes stuff off me if he thinks I shouldnt be eating it. He too has taken on healthy ways in little things such as having a ham salad sanga instead of some junk food takeaway when he orders his lunch. We are the ones who set the example!

Now for me to put this inner labrador, teenager whatever you want to call that horrible person who makes us do & think things we shouldnt, back into her box!! I had her there for a while but she is back & she is bad!

Time to finish round 2 with a BANG & hit round 3 head on!

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