Friday, August 20, 2010

A new day or a new beginning?

My leg is feeling much better after icing all day yesterday. I must thank Melissa for all her help & advice yesterday! I think had I not taken it, today would have been spent in alot of pain & tears. Mwah to you!! It is amazing the people who do this program & its not jsut for people who want to lose weight, it is also for people who are looking to learn to eat healthy as well.

I joined this program for round 2 back when the sign ups first started. For me I have gone through 9 weeks officially but also 4 weeks of preseason tasks. During that time I have learnt so much about everything & not just food. I am learning about who I am as a person and what I want from life. I am learning that whilst yes I am a mum, I am also a person myself and I think most of all I am doing amazing things I never thought I would do!

Michelle Bridges program is for EVERYONE! It is amazing how something as simple as eating healthy with regular exercise can teach us so much about ourselves. My whole family is starting to eat healthy & my hubby is eating what I eat. The children are all slowly getting in the same mindset but after many years of preparing packaged food the look of those green things on the plate might take some getting use too. I go to the gym 3 times a week & have an amazing personal trainer! He knows how far to push us & when we are slackening off. We rarely use the gym equipment since he feels a better workout is achieved when you use your body as it should be used! I love my classes since it is 1 hour of time for me. No interruptions for mummy business so no excuses! My Tuesday Zumba classes are the same! I love the time out. It is what has put my sanity back to where it once was & I am finding that I have alot more patience with the children again.

Round 3 is starting on 23rd August & I will be once again treking on this journey. Michelle & Amelia are amazing. Many times when I felt it was all over just a simple tweet from Mish or Meels (M&M) is enough to pick myself back up again & keep on going. I have seen this with many of the 12WBT family.

Tonight I book my accommodation to come to Sydney. Tomorrow I go shopping for something nice to wear. Afterall, coming to Sydney means I am coming to meet my whole other family. A group of people who I know will take me for who I am & not who I am not. They will not judge & they are the closest group of people anyone could wish for to be a friend. I also know that even though I hate the camera I really have to get that elusive #photowithmish plus we all need a pick with Jo & Capt dont we ;) I know that night I will possibly be in many photos sharing a smile with all my new friends.

Thank you Michelle for such an amazing program. I am sure that I am not the only one from the 12WBT team that salutes you! /salute

Cath xoxo

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