Sunday, August 15, 2010

Week 8 Triathalon. I DID IT!

After being ill last week & not having a chance to even have a go at the triathalon, I decided that I should still at least do this & do it this week!.

We had a choice of a few different variations that we could do. I was going to to the orginal intermediate challenge which was 3000m Row, 25km bike ride & 6km treadie run, but decided to shuffle it a little & instead of the bike ride, I would incorporate my Saturday morning circuit class in there instead.

Thursday after gym circuit the PT announces that we would be backing up Friday night instead of Saturday morning! I was like, are you kidding I am set for Saturday now I have to psych up for tomorrow instead. Since he had footy training on on Friday night he also said that if I wanted to do this then I would have to lock up the gym! Yep only in a country town do you get full use of the gym facilities ;) At least not having a cut off time means I had no excuses but to finish what I started!

So 5pm I rock up to the gym for my 1hr class. PT decided to mix it up a little & go full cardio! A 1hour class that consisted of sprint sets, situps, pushups, boxing, 1/10’s (which is where you do 1 pushup 10 sprints, 2 pushups, 9 sprints etc), more running, more situps, more pushups, more boxing, core ties. Basically lots of ouchieness!!

I was stuffed when class had finished but knew that this would not be the end of my session for today. Not by a long shot! I still had 3000m rowing to do & not to mention 6km on the treadie! I decided to get the rowing out of the way since if needed I could always walk a bit of the way on the treadie to get through. Love the rower at our gym since it is a water one! almost feels like the real thing! 20 mins later & I was done! With that part anyways! 6km to go! I was hurting but knew I had to go on & finish!

Treadie wasnt all that bad. Managed to keep up at around a pace of 9km with every 30 secs going up to 10km then 11km then back down to 7km for 1 min back up to 9km etc. Finally after around 45 mins, the 6km ticked over! WOOHOO! I had done it!

2hrs & 15mins of non stop exercise for a total calorie burn of 2113!

Who would have thought that I could do something like that. I was a bit down since the family didnt seem to really understand what was so huge about my achievement especially considering dinner was late for me to do this but some lovely 12WBT ladies helped me to see that what matters is that I did it and I know that I did it!

So to sum up

Circuit Class - 1hr 10mins
Rower - 20mins
Treadie - 45mins
Total Cals burnt - 2113

Thank you Michelle for my little surprise in the mail this week!! <3 xoxo

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