Monday, June 14, 2010

Yay for seeing some results FINALLY!

So I have had a couple of weeks on the scales where they just wouldnt move! Not even a little bit. So it was suggested by some lovely peeps in the 12WBT family to take measurements weekly so that I may see change there to keep my head in the right place!

So here are my stats from last week and this week!

Chest - 87cm (No change)
Bicep - 27cm (No change)
Waist - 75.6cm (change of -1.5cm)
Hips - 95cm (change of -2cm)
Thigh - 52.5cm (No change)
Calf -  36.5cm (no change)

Weight - 74.4kg (gain of +100g)
Bodyfat % - 28.2% (last week was 31.59%)
BMI - 26.28 (last week - 26.64)

So a small gain on the scales BUT a total loss of 3.5cm already and off the areas I want it gone from too! Perhaps looking good isnt as far away as I think. I dream of the day that I no longer have my little bulging belly that makes me always look 3mths preggo!

Weight ins and measurements will move to Wednesdays as of next week but will keep measuring weekly for sure! I think the numbers on the scales will do my head in otherwise!

Just had to add that I just looking back when I first started back in October 2009. Since then I have lost a total of 51.9cm, a change for the better in my BMI of 8.8% and have lost 5.4kg. Not massive in the weight loss area but I havent put in the effort that I am willing to put in now.

Looking at those cm losses though gives me hope that I can do this! I also noticed that 72.4kg was the lowest weight I have been since I was preggo with Tilly. Still a couple of kilo to go before I get there though. Whats better is I am almost running!!!! WOOHOO! 

I am feeling GREAT!

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