Monday, June 21, 2010

Fitness Test is all done!

Well to start the day I had a doctors appointment! Nothing bad just a quick check up to make sure everything was ok. All is fine & she was even kind enough to give me a compliment of I already look amazing conisdering I have 4 kidlets. I said to her and I quote "I might look amazing to you but I dont feel amazing to me and that is why I am doing this". She thinks that my head is in the right place to be doing something like this without going overboard.

Fitness test was next. 1km time trial done! 6 min 37 secs! I am stoked considering we did a 1km time trial 2 weeks ago at gym where I registered 7min 55secs!! That is a major improvement in just 2 small weeks for my fitness. So here are my stats from the test!

1km time trail - 6mins 37secs (Intermediate)
1min pushups - 12 (Beginner)
Ab Strength test - Level 2 (Intermediate)
Wall sit - 30sec (my god this burns the thighs! (Beginner)
Sit & Reach - -5cm (Beginner)

Use the 1km time trial, pushup, and abdominal strength test to determine your exercise level for the 12WBT.

So that puts me in the Intermediate catagory! So much for me being unfit. I best be looking at the exercise diary now to see what Michelle has planned for that level /shock

4 weeks ago I dont think I would have even made 1km let alone been able to do a pushup! Doing this today has shown me fitness wise just how far I have come. Have been great with food & water today  too.

Breakkie - Oats with 1 cup of low fat milk
No Snack
Lunch - Pea & Ham Soup with 1 piece of bread
Arvo snack - ForMe Satisfy yoghurt
Dinner - Beef Stirfry (Mish Recipe of course)

I have also managed to get through 2 pump bottles of water today but still more to go! Not worried since il get that in no probs at gym tonight.

Feeling pretty good right about now!!

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  1. Great start :-)

    I hear you Wall sits burns the thighs! I needed 2 days to recover from hanging on to a wall sit for 2 minutes last time so I am not game to do my wall sit until Saturday the day before my Sunday rest day. That was a great 1 kilometer run you did :-).