Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tomorrow is kick off!

Meal plans are in, shopping is done & exercise regime will happen! Michelle has explained how it all works and how for us girlies there is no more than 1200 cals per day to be eaten. This is also including 300cals worth of snacks (so 2 x 150cal). They do not have to be eaten though.

Fitness test is to be done tomorrow! Time trial of 1km be it run, walk or crawl as well as pushups, situps etc. I will have to get it done in the morning since that is the time this week that will put me at close to 100% since circuit class is on Monday, Wednesday & Friday this week. I did a 1km time trial only last week  during gym so can also have a look & see how I have improved over just 2 weeks ;) I feel in myself I am already fitter than I was a week ago and I know that I will jsut keep getting better as long as I keep this up!

I am feeling a little nervous now since it is really official. Michelle Bridges is my Personal Trainer!! Wow! Never though I would be able to say that in this lifetime. I didnt even have to qualify to go onto The Biggest Loser for this to happen. I do feel the 12 Week Body Transformation is an amazing program that brings wonderful trainers like Mish to the little people like me. I am sure I will be inspired by her & other members to get the job done & to really nail it this time! I will finally get back into the 60's again and with Michelle & Amelias help, I am sure they can help me get there.

So there it is folks. I will update hopefully daily as to how I am going and feeling. 6 days a week exercise with NO EXCUSES! Must remember to get myself some kitchen scales too.

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