Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I am hoping that results will show soon!

Well what to do! I am eating better than right, I am exercising more than enough and yet I weigh myself today to find I have lost.......


Devastated is me. I dont know what else to do to make those numbers go down :( I am trying everything and there is nothing more I can change now since I know I am doing my best. My cals have even been cut down to 1200 a day and I am no longer eating back what I am burning! In 1 week I have burnt 4551 cals! You would think there should at least be some kind of drop.

Heres hoping that next week is better! I really want to see some improvement somewhere! Maybe its cause I don't have a large amount to lose so its harder to move it along? I will see how the measuring goes next week and hopefully that will show me some results! I at least wanted some form of start before the official day!

Maybe I am being to hard on myself. I just dont want to fall off the wagon this time! Its hard though when you know there is nothing more you can do or give at a training session yet there is still no reward for the time, effort and sacrifice!

Now I know how those that gained weight or lost minimal on The Biggest Loser felt. It is terrible and you keep wondering what you can do better! Heres to next Wednesday and hoping to stay positive!

On a brighter note, at circuit class tonight I burnt another whopping 911 cals! I am so pleased with my efforts at these classes since I am in no way fit but with each one I seem to give that little bit more! Tonight was a highlight since I was actually running! Like really running and that is something I have never done (other than after the kids).I am pulling up better after each class and no more delayed muscle pain! I am hoping this means that it is going to get easier from here. My PT is wonderful as is the group of girls who are there 3 times a week for the 1 hour! I wouldnt make it through a class without them as they are all amazing and inspirational!

I must get the time to do some more of the pre season tasks! I havent even set my goals yet and that was pre season 3! I notice that pre season 5 was released yesterday. I am so far behind so must catch up. Hopefully that will put my head where it needs to be.

Adios amigos and take care! Will check in again shortly! Mwah to you all xoxo

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  1. Its fine to have a week of no loss (at least you didn't gain). With all the excercise you are doing I wouldn't be surprised if you are getting more muscle and it weighs more than fat. Hope your measurements show a drop.

    You are doing great and you won't fall off the wagon this time. I have faith in you.