Thursday, June 3, 2010

Its been a rough week but we have got through

What a week. After an almost meltdown on Friday, I went and stayed at mums on Saturday night. I even went and got myself some fruit since I notice mums cupboards were full of junk food. Well dinner time came around and you wouldn’t believe it......she was having KFC! She knows I am trying so hard to get this right this time and yes its not a large amount I want to lose but that’s not the point is it! So I have 2 choices, use the fruit I have and will most likely still be hungry since 1 apple and 1 banana do not make tea, OR have just 1 piece of chicken with the skin ripped off. So I did that....the skin was ripped off and I munched on that. It was the smallest piece I could find. Needless to say I was still starving after that and my tummy didn’t like the chicken at all since I spent the rest of the night drinking water to stop myself being sick and also help me feel a little bit fuller. Was so glad to get home Sunday! 

Went shopping on Sunday before heading home though and mum purchased me some nice new Nike Air Alaris ladies running shoes. I had enough to get the Michelle Bridges cook book and also the Nike+ipod attachment. I was so stoked that when I got home I went for a 3km walk in the rain! I didn’t care that it was wet....I was finally able to walk without my legs hurting! WOOHOO!!

Monday - Well the realisation that I have essays and things due for uni hit. I am behind by a mile and only have until Friday to catch up! How am I suppose to get 1 essay, 2 reports, 1 open book math exam, 1 open book history exam and an online discussion question done by Friday! I haven’t even looked at what topic the essay/reports are suppose to be on yet so there is also research time in there too /sigh Ill do it tomorrow! I have walking to do today! Yep managed another 3km walk with Tilly in the pram. She loves all the exercise...although she is technically getting pushed...haha Uni assessments can wait till tomorrow. Also have pre-season task 3 to do for 12WBT as well. Goal setting. I have no idea really! I am use to setting myself weight goals but NEVER in a time limit. I think this one is going to be hard.

Tuesday – Time to get serious about this uni stuff! I have spent so much time worrying that what im eating is ok and that im exercising enough that this is now suffering. Trying to be positive about doing this 12 week body transformation with Michelle Bridges but its getting harder to when its all I am thinking about. Hey that is a good thing but in the same token I never do anything for me. This is the first time in a VERY long time. I guess I just need to get my head around it all. Feeling guilty about getting the ipod +nike attachment and the cook book on Sunday too. I mean that was money that could have been better spent elsewhere instead of on me. I could have paid up some more bills or even got something nice for the kids. I know tomorrow there will be more expense since I want to get a HRM as well as something decent to wear when im out walking or at the thats more money. I know these things aren’t needed but if I want to do this properly I have to do something to make things better on myself so I am comfortable.

Finally sat down and got into Essay 1 for English! I decided to reward myself with a nice walk in the afternoon once it was finished. Yay I did it. It was rushed and in no way up to my standards but I guess since its late I just best hope for a pass. I am not even expecting that since it wasn’t very good at all and definitely not up to my standard of work. I think the lecturer is going to be shocked since I have spent all semester getting High Distinctions....then hand that rubbish in.

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