Saturday, October 1, 2011

A lightbulb moment or is that two?

Well its almost the end of week one and I have tried a few new things as well as some old just to see where they matched up.

Well I have had my first light-bulb moment! I just wish I had of realised this earlier!

On Monday, Tuesday, Friday & today, I was up and out of bed by 5.10am. Today it was 6am and it was raining! I couldn't believe I was outside, in the rain, just to get my workout done. 5km later and feeling amazing I was done. Today though, I decided that since I spent Thursday procrastinating, I would come home and spend some time on the cross trainer. I first went for a goal of 5km but then thought nope, 10km is where I should be heading.....26 mins later and that too was done! 7.45am this morning and close too 900 calories later and I was done! As with all the mornings, workout is over BEFORE that little inner voice has even woken up. Its fantastic!

Now Wednesday was a rest day but at uni I managed to work up a sweat whilst practising for our drama performance! So I will take it that I did some extra exercise. As for Thursday, well what a is this day that I had my light-bulb moment!.....I woke up at 4.45am as normal but since the lady I was walking with was having a day off, what did I do......I got up, turned the alarm off and went back to bed /sigh. The old Cath won over and I went back to bed. I reset the alarm & got out of bed at 7.30 to get ready for uni.

So here is my first of two light-bulb moments!

I realised that having someone supportive to walk with is a good thing as they motivate you without even talking. Just knowing they are going to be there is motivation in itself since no-one wants to let anyone down by not turning up. When I had to meet my friend down the road at her house, I made the effort to get up and head out. On Wednesday evening we decided that we would not walk Thursday morning. I said yep that's fine I can do something on the cross trainer when I finish uni.......*insert evil inner voice laugh here*

Thursday morning, the alarm goes off and as I said, I went back to bed. All good I thought, ill get this done after uni. I wasn't letting anyone down after all.....WRONG! I was letting me down. This brings me to my second light-bulb moment.....

I have done something different this week to what I normally have done and that is get out of bed and JFDI! I am talking 5am get out of bed too. I have found during this last week that if I get up in robot mode then I have no time to procrastinate and therefore will finish what I set out to do. Thursday though, I gave time for that little voice to start with the excuses and reasons to put off the workout for later in the day which we all know never happens as something else always comes along.

So there are my 2 light-bulb moments! Having an exercise partner really does help. We also made a pact to each other that we would not bail out unless it was extremely important and wanting a sleep in didn't count! I mean heck, she has set the bar high as her hubby is in hospital atm with heart problems and she was still there waiting for me this morning to go walking! That is motivational inspiration right there. Getting your workout done first up before that voice wakes up is definitely a must! Besides, nothing better than being out when that sunrise really is gorgeous smile

So this weeks stats are:

Time Spent Exercising: 4:01hh:mm
Distance Walked: 29.3 km
Calories Burnt: 2376 cals

I am happy with that and with what I have achieved this week. Here's hoping I can make next week a little better wink

In the words of the amazing Michelle.....EAT CLEAN AND TRAIN HARD.

Cath xoxo

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