Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Sunday in October to Remember.....or is it?

What a weekend!! Its always a good thing when you can stand up proudly and say your team are the premiers as they won the grand final. Yes....I am a Manly fan and I said it many times over the last 72 hours.....


Ok now that is done, its time to get down to business. So what have I been doing this long weekend? Its quite simple really, I kept it clean on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday but I did splurge on Sunday evening.

Sunday was grand final day and I think I need to find a balance so that I can make this work. Its not every year nor every day that your team make a grand final let alone win one! So on Sunday, I drank some (a lot) empty calorie alcohol, I ate some bbq sausages and I absolutely gorged on garden salad. I had an amazing day and I have no regrets. The scales tomorrow may tell a different story, but it was one day, that is now well and truely over. The bad habits did not continue and they haven't snuck back in so that has to be something I am learning along the way.

I remember watching an episode of Biggest Loser US not long ago and it was about balance and how one of the contestants was very upset and refusing to go out to diner with her family since she couldnt find any healthy options on the menu. Jillian spoke to her about having a balance in her life and that she should not give up that dinner. (I must say that I do like the biggest loser US format of how the contestants go home for 30 days before the final one is chosen). I thought about how its true, we do all this working out and healthy eating that surely one day is not going to derail a lifetime AS LONG AS YOU ARE STRONG TO KNOW WHEN TO STOP!!

I had an amazing day on Sunday mingling with friends and enjoying some time with hubby away from the busy lifestyle of parenthood. For one afternoon I was just Cath....I dont get that very often at all as I am always the mum. I splurged and I enjoyed. I did however ensure that I set my days following up healthy. I have however lapsed on my early morning walks. Between exhaustion of dealing with ill children and now I have a raspy throat (it was only a matter of time before I got sick), not to mention trying to get through my last two weeks of uni.....its just all building up. I have told my walking partner that I need to finish these final weeks then I have nothing left to use as an excuse! I have 4 assessments and what seems like nowhere near enough time but that is another story......at least I am staying away from the late night chocolate and instead indulging in a late night green tea with a dash of lemon.

So there you have it. My confession. Forgive me Michelle for I have sinned but I will say that it feels amazing knowing that I can have that one day and know that the next day, everything returns to normal. The scales may not be kind to me tomorrow, but that just means I have a lot of extra work to do this week to ensure the damage is repaired. I am finding myself putting everything into perspective of calories.....if I have that then I have to walk for 'x' amount of time. That kind of thought for me helps to know that whatever it is needs to be burnt off so is it REALLY needed.

Good luck to everyone with weigh in tomorrow. It will be a big step for me since I usually dont even bother and slowly but surely I withdraw from the program.


I am the strong one and I will overcome every hurdle there is during this time. I have not failed if I keep trying, its only when I give up totally do I then become a failure.

Take Care

Cath xoxo

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