Friday, October 28, 2011

Why is healthy so expensive?

Well Even though I only blogged yesterday, I felt I had to come back again today and blog about my line of thought.

When I finished my bowl of muesli this morning, I got thinking about why people eat things like pancakes and those sugar filled cereals and enjoy them. We all know they taste good but that's not the reason in my opinion. After doing some reading and thinking back on the many many Michelle videos I have watched during the course of my 5 rounds and I have come to realise that we eat this food cause we think its ok. Its just what we do. We dont look at the calorie count or the proper serving sizes, we just pour it in, fill the bowl with milk, stack on some more sugar and away we go. Some morning we will even refill that bowl and have another full serving cause our brain isnt telling us that we are full.

So then why can I be happy with a 50g bowl of muesli, yet I know there are others out there that one 50g bowl of muesli is no where near enough? Why can one person be happy eating an apple when the next person wont settle for anything less than a krispy creme donut? and why settle for water when you can have a sugar packed can of coke? Why? because its just what we have got our bodies accustomed to and like all things in this world to initiate change, we need to start thinking the opposite to the unhealthy thought we have now.

So my challenge for this week is to turn that thought process around for me. Again as I always say, only I can lose weight and only I can become fit and healthy. No-one can do it for me.

How many of you will join me for what I am going to call health week of opposites. If you think chocolate, reach for an apple, if you think coke, reach for the water, if you think donut well you get the picture. Its going to be tough and some days will be harder than others but as parents we need to get the next generation onto the road of healthy eating sooner rather than later.

Actually, have you ever thought about why people who constantly eat fast food, gain weight? Well after chatting with a uni friend just last week about how much weight we had gained through the year, I suggested that we keep each other honest and only eat healthy whilst on campus. Her reply, "$3 for a bucket of chips, $5+ for anything do the math". How true is this! If the healthy options were the cheaper deal, then many people would choose the salad wrap over the chips any day! Even a bottle of water is more expensive in some places over a can of coke and lets not forget the buy a burger and get a soft drink free option! Argh! how does one win other than constantly packing lunch at home OR having to spend more at the checkout just so that we arent blowing our calorie budget in one sitting.

Its tough out there in the real world and honestly, these takeaway owners need to get on board the health food train cause whether they like it or not, eventually people will by pass the junk food and move to where the cheaper but healthy options are.

Well thats me for today! hope you enjoy your reading :)

Cath xoxo

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  1. I agree! It does seem silly that all the campaigns are for healthy eating etc but it's more expensive to do so. I always say that gym memberships and subscriptions to things like Michelle Bridges' 12WBT should be tax deductible! Anyway, I guess it's an investment in ourselves :-)