Thursday, October 27, 2011

I am important! I am worth it and I am loved!

Well what a week! After my major breakdown, I sit here smiling like a Cheshire cat. It was weigh in day yesterday and you know what. Even after my bad week, I still registered a loss of almost 1kg! How amazing is that. I am so proud that I was actually able to hold it together, not over eat and still lose weight. WOOHOO!! I have even gone out walking a couple of times this week too :)

So how am I feeling today? Happy, relaxed and calm. Compared to last weeks roller-coaster, this week has been bliss. I have to keep remembering that its tough being mummy at the best of times. It is a thankless job but in the same token it is so rewarding. Quite possibly the most rewarding job on the earth actually.

I have been thinking a lot the last few days and have come to the conclusion that.......

I am important! I am worth it and I am loved!

I need to remember that always. I need to remember that even when times seem like they are at there darkest, no matter what, I am still important, I am still worth it and I am still loved. It just may not seem like it at the time but its always there. Those ideologies never change. I should be proud of my efforts this year. I mean heck, I am 1 year through a 4 year degree as well as still being full time mum. This is why I need to remind myself that I am important, worth it and loved. Its these reasons that got me through this year.

I have even bit the bullet so to speak and spent a whole $26.50 on a new JFDI hat courtesy of the lovely Sally who I think is doing the 12WBT main round. I figure that not only is it a hat just for me but it will also remind me daily that I need to get out there and JFDI! No-one can lose this weight for me. Only I can do that. Michelle gives us the tools but its what we choose to do with those tools that makes the difference.

Anyhow, enough babble from me for today. The older children are at school and I have a toddler to get off to daycare.


Thought I  would add in my montage for this weeks challenge. I know that the pic with Michelle isnt recent but its what keeps me honest somedays :)

Cath xoxo

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